Dhananjai R Kuttikad

Founder, Purplebasil & President, GREAT

Dhananjai Raja Kuttikad (Dj) is a lawyer by education who decided to take up entrepreneurial pursuits when he stumbled upon a strong market-need for a brand that made healthy eating easy and convenient. In his career as a legal professional, he has worked in multiple organizations with a focus on international contract management. His last stint was at a fortune 200 company where he was leading the shared services team for contract management for the UK, Ireland, and Netherlands businesses.

A strong believer in the values of Empathize, Simplify, Collaborate, & Innovate, Dj focuses on evangelizing these values within Team Purplebasil to create an honest brand that delivers on all its promises. He is in charge of vision, strategy, and planning, at Purplebasil

Outside Purplebasil, Dj is also part of the founding members of GREAT, and currently leads the organization. GREAT (short for Group for Restaurateurs’ Empowerment, Advancement, & Togetherness) is a restaurateurs organization that works towards solving daily issues in the restaurant business. Their focus is to create long-term and sustainable solutions for issues ranging from vendor management to supply chain to collaboration with tech aggregators to create a great ecosystem in the restaurants business space.


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