Dr Kamini Rao

Founder and Director of Milann

Dr Kamini Rao is the Founder Director of Milann and she could be referred to as “The entrepreneur who’s created lakhs of babies.” Decades ago, at a time when India was at its nascent stage in reproductive medicine, Dr Rao recognized the virgin market for IVF in the country. Milann, one of the first brands in the country to launch advanced fertility treatments like ‘Sperm Bank’, ‘SIFT Baby’ etc is her brainchild.

The pioneer of Assisted Reproduction Treatments (ART) in India is also a powerhouse of dynamic thoughts. The latest feather in the cap would be the rare recognition of being appointed as India’s first Brand Ambassador for all fertility treatments in Asia and South Africa.



#8 Reasons Women can Become Great Entrepreneurs

Her ability to effortlessly slip into different roles at the same time, ensuring the quality does not suffer, should be considered as a lesson for any management student

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