Gargi Banerjee Koul

Founder and CEO, Elanstreet .com

A strong willed entrepreneur who has always been interested in bringing out the best in people, Gargi Banerjee Koul, is the driving force behind the personal styling platform. She comes with 12 years of corporate experience and has previously worked with HDFC Bank in a senior management role in the treasury vertical. She completed her bachelor's from Lady Sriram College and went on to do her Masters in Business Management from Symbiosis Centre for Managemant and HRD ,Pune.

Presently, as the Founder and CEO of Elanstreet, she inspires her team to look beyond the obvious and explore untapped possibilities for making personal styling accessible for  discerning consumers while finding ways to collaborate with partners in the styling ecosystem (including fashion brands and styling professionals).

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Gargi is an avid reader and values literature. Extremely passionate about her profession, she strongly believes that one should embrace and maintain their individuality and the same belief reflects in her work. At the end of her busy day she loves spending time with her family. She is a travel enthusiast and likes to explore new destinations. As a person she believes that an individual is not defined by the roles they choose to play but rather it is important to reach in to discover hitherto undiscovered potential.




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