Hitesh Asrani

Founder & Director, CRP Risk Management Ltd

Hitesh Asrani is the founder and director of CRP Risk Management Ltd. He established it back in the year 2000, when risk checks in India were practically unheard of. As a pioneer in Risk Mitigation in India, he was driven by the vision of creating a valuable company that impacted lives positively, employed people from all over the country, one that provided him the joy of creating a meaningful organisation.

A first generation entrepreneur, Mr. Asrani’s vision for CRP was built on the premise that going ahead, regulatory mandates and shareholder awareness would follow the same route as they have in the West. Through the pursuit of this vision, CRP Risk Management has been instrumental in creating awareness and inculcating a culture in India Inc. towards a higher control in vulnerable areas such asPeople, Process and Technology.

He has over 21 years of experience in business planning, execution, field dynamics, and risk management in operations. He is responsible for the vision, strategic planning and business growth of CRP. He contributes tocrucial matters pertaining to leadership, talent retention and other internal business decisions of the company

All those who know Hitesh marvel at his tenacity. As thedirector of CRP, he understands the responsibility that his leadership brings along. He enjoys the challenge of combattingtricky situationswith unique, out of the box, and ingenious ideas. He has the ability to perceive challenges as opportunities and deal with them in accordance. Hitesh skilfully manages to maintain a sharp focus on the nitty gritty,while bearing in mind the larger vision for CRP, which is to create an organisation that thrives beyond alifetime. He approaches each day as a blank canvas to be filled in with a fresh idea that touches many lives.

Not many know that in his leisuretime, he likes to write, paint and sing to balance the deeply intellectual nature of his business.


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