Ishdeep Sawhney

Co-founder and CEO,

Ishdeep Sawhney is the Co-founder and CEO of, a matchmaking/matrimony app that uses the power of artificial intelligence algorithms to provide its users with compatible options.

Ishdeep is passionate about making marriage a successful and fun filled experience and therefore, he has created Rae, a matchmaking engine that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and neuroscience research to learn what makes a user tick and what they really look for in a partner. His technical knowledge stems from his 9 years of experience in the technology sector, playing key roles in working with software giants like Apple and Microsoft.

At Apple, Ishdeep worked in kernel and iCloud data syncing, and was also part of the prestigious engineering team that created the first iPad, the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini. At Microsoft, he developed the idea for Fone+, a project which enabled Microsoft to take Windows Mobile into emerging markets. He has also worked on Microsoft’s Midori OS project as well as Windows Mobile.


Growth Strategies

#7 Tips to Make Your Consumer Start-up Stand Out

Consumer products have to be simple and if they solve a real problem, they get word of mouth growth.

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