Joseph Horvath


Joseph has two decades of experience in space and astronautics with an extensive network across industry and DoD. While serving as a Marine Corps officer, he was the Service’s Senior Space Operations Officer, leading professional development, training, education, policy, and exercise design. His educational background includes a BS in Astrophysics and MS in Space Systems Operations, as well as being a former DARPA Fellow.

His work has been published in multiple journals including "A Hybrid Routing Protocol for Space-Based Networks", "Space Operations for the Warfighter" and "The Marine Space Support Team Concept". Joseph brings to his role extensive leadership and management experience with a focus on agile practices and developing successful teams.



Focus On the People: A Lesson In Leadership From a Former Marines Officer

The companies that realize this and invest in their people will be best able to develop and adapt to the needs of their customers and the marketplace

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