Kapil Chadha

Co-Founder and Chairman - eExpedise Group

Kapil Chadha is the Co-Founder and Chairman of eExpedise Group and is one of the promoters of the firm. As Chairman and MD, he is tasked with designing the company growth and the expansion strategy along with assisting CEO Amit Sharma in strategy generation and development in the fields of healthcare and medical tourism. He also holds the key responsibility of managing the technological aspect of the business and works extensively on designing an ecosystem in the insurance domain, therefore eliminating the myth of single and standalone Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software application.

An alumnus of University of Pune, Kapil started working as a System Analyst upon pursuing his Masters in Computer Management (IT). He has had a rich experience in both the domains of technology as well as healthcare insurance and has held key roles such as that of Chief Manager (IT) at Reliance Life Insurance Company, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Mac Group in Tanzania, Africa, and Group CEO at E-Meditek TPA Services, among others. He has gained an expertise through 15 years of proven success in managing and developing projects, devising and implementing growth strategies for business performance optimization and process excellence, maximizing growth and developing profit centres. Working extensively with three startup life insurance and IT companies has also led to him becoming a strategic and innovative business leader with specialization in establishing startups.

A planner, strategist and implementer to his core, Kapil has driven improvements and set benchmarks in best practices in varying work environments, displaying his ability to lead teams and establishing partnerships and relations with the key players of the industry. Along with spearheading the group, Kapil is presently working on incorporating recent technological interventions of data science such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) in the insurance sector, therefore working extensively on automation of the entire process.

A seasoned player in his domains, Kapil has also filed two patents alongside Amit namely ‘A System and Method for Real Time Assessment of Wellness and Health Insurance’ in the insurance domain and ‘A System and Method for any time Medical Assistance and Advisory’ in medical tourism. Upon a close observation of the gradual growth of both domestic as well as international healthcare and insurance industries and the huge gap in both the domains’ delivery systems and processes, Kapil envisions eExpedise as the company that will launch various innovative digital platforms for insurance, medical tourism and wellness tourism industries along with marking its presence in more countries across the GCC, Asia, CIS and Pacific.   

Kapil also has an article named ‘In Search of Real Time Solution’ attributed to him which was published in the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) journal in 2010. When not managing projects and devising strategies, Kapil likes to spend quality time with his wife and children.




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