Lathika Regunathan

CEO, MIMO Technologies

Lathika Regunathan is the CEO and Founder of MIMO Technologies; India's unique go-to platform for taking enterprises and their businesses to rural India. MIMO plays the dual role of facilitating enterprises in providing their wide range of services in the rural sector, as well as skilling and employing the semi-urban and rural youth. 

Lathika holds a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the Delhi School of Economics and Lady Shri Ram College respectively. Besides working in the area of finance, technology and software development in India, Lathika has worked extensively in the Latin-American markets. Her vision and current philosophy is determined by the myriad years of experience that she has put in working with diverse set of populations and global business environments. 

At MIMO, Lathika brings to the table a firm understanding of mobile payment strategy, team management and management consultancy. In just a short period since its conceptualization, MIMO is chartering excellent growth. 

Lathika lives in New Delhi with her husband and two daughters. 



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