Neha Suradkar

Founder of Style-N-File

Neha Suradkar is a Makeup and Nail Artist and Educator. She’s the founder of Style-N-File, a Make-up and Nail Studio and Academy in Powai, Mumbai.

Neha completed her Masters in Textiles and Clothing from Lady Irwin College. She began her career as a Fashion Design Lecturer at NIFT and Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru. She moved to Japan in 2011 and faced linguistic and settling issues in the beginning. However, she explored Japanese beauty and learned about beauty and styling. She took her career to leaps and bound with her makeup skills thus winning accolades for it across the globe.

Neha has always aimed to educate people about make-up and personal styling. She founded Mirror Image and Style (MIAS) in Singapore on 11th April, 2013, targeting new mothers. This was to help them understand their new body and dress up accordingly.

Neha moved back to Mumbai in 2014. She founded Style-N-File in 2016, which is a makeup studio and an academy for professional makeup and nail training and styling workshops.  She had styled many celebrities like celebrity Kathak Dancer, Smt. Madhurima Mookherji.

Neha dreams of making Beauty, Makeup and Nails so simple and convenient for her clients and students that it becomes a part of their lifestyle rather than an occasional thing. Being an entrepreneur was never easy for Neha, but it motivated her more each day, on seeing a smile on her clients’ faces and a moment of happiness on her students’ faces. Neha’s story of success is not only inspiring to the aspiring women entrepreneurs, but also to the society, who are ready to bend women, out of social stereotypes.


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