Growing Beauty and Wellness Market in India

Beauty has always been appreciated by one and all and it can do wonders if you make it a profession and deliver efficiently

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By Neha Suradkar

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Looking good has been one of the major concerns for women and nowadays for men too. As it is said "Light travels faster than Sound, hence you are seen before you're heard", so looking good has a great impact on your overall personality. And, with people making conscious efforts to look good, the beauty and wellness industry is one of the most thriving ones in India.

There are various reasons as to why the beauty and wellness market is booming.

  1. Awareness and Exploration - People are becoming more aware of products and treatments available in the market and are ready to explore new products. Something like nail extensions and nail art, which was only for celebrities or for those who do not work around in the house has now become a must-have for a lot of middle-class women. Some are very regular with maintaining their nails, while others love to have them during festivals and specials occasions.

  2. High Spending Capacity - With a decent amount of disposable income in hand, consumers are upgrading the brands and youngsters are able to spend more towards their beauty regime. Believe it or not, teens and young adults are the major spenders for mass-market beauty brands.

  3. Social Media - Every moment of life has to be Instagrammed. This need for being always presentable has led to more consumption of beauty products. Also, social media influencers and opinion leaders play a key role in what products to use and which treatments to go for. Brand awareness has increased as consumers are directly able to get in touch with brands.

  4. Creative Brands - The market is now booming with natural skin care and beauty products, which are really creative with their concept and people like to try things which are different, yet good. This gives an opportunity for being more creative.

  5. Stress - The stress at work, with family, to keep up with appearances etc. is providing a good opportunity for Spas, Wellness Centres and also Wellness Tourism. Earlier, a message was usually done at home and that too if you have any aches in the body. Now people love to go to a spa and spend their time getting relaxed. The frequency of visits has increased too. The same is true for wellness tourism, where people go on a holiday just to relax and indulge in activities like spa, yoga, digital detox, meditation and so on.

  6. Men joining the league - The Noughties' Metrosexual male was self-indulgent and this gave a huge boost to the male grooming market. The Metrosexual male has now given way to Ubersexual men, who know that masculinity is not only about being rough and dirty, it is about being well groomed and well dressed. This man loves to go out with his girl for various beauty and spa therapies and hence a great boom in a couple service market.

  7. E-Commerce - Doorstep delivery has made it even easier to shop for beauty products. This has also lead to the availability of various brands in even small towns of the country.

How to sustain growth?

The growing beauty and wellness market, apart from providing contentment to consumers, is also proving to create a lot of employment opportunities. Profiles like Beauty Therapists, Nail Technicians, Make Artists, Hair Stylists, Spa Therapists, etc. are in high demand. What is important here is to provide good education to aspiring individuals looking to step into the beauty and wellness industry. Most of the time consumers are put off by therapists and staff on beauty and makeup counters as they do not give proper information. Having well-trained staff and technicians and therapists will improve the consumer experience and will help in further growth. So, good training institutes are a key requirement in today's market.

Neha Suradkar

Founder of Style-N-File

Neha Suradkar is a Makeup and Nail Artist and Educator. She’s the founder of Style-N-File, a Make-up and Nail Studio and Academy in Powai, Mumbai.

Neha completed her Masters in Textiles and Clothing from Lady Irwin College. She began her career as a Fashion Design Lecturer at NIFT and Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru. She moved to Japan in 2011 and faced linguistic and settling issues in the beginning. However, she explored Japanese beauty and learned about beauty and styling. She took her career to leaps and bound with her makeup skills thus winning accolades for it across the globe.

Neha has always aimed to educate people about make-up and personal styling. She founded Mirror Image and Style (MIAS) in Singapore on 11th April, 2013, targeting new mothers. This was to help them understand their new body and dress up accordingly.

Neha moved back to Mumbai in 2014. She founded Style-N-File in 2016, which is a makeup studio and an academy for professional makeup and nail training and styling workshops.  She had styled many celebrities like celebrity Kathak Dancer, Smt. Madhurima Mookherji.

Neha dreams of making Beauty, Makeup and Nails so simple and convenient for her clients and students that it becomes a part of their lifestyle rather than an occasional thing. Being an entrepreneur was never easy for Neha, but it motivated her more each day, on seeing a smile on her clients’ faces and a moment of happiness on her students’ faces. Neha’s story of success is not only inspiring to the aspiring women entrepreneurs, but also to the society, who are ready to bend women, out of social stereotypes.

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