Raghav Himatsingka

Founder & CEO, Truckola

A veteran in the field of logistics, cargo transportation, and supply chain, Raghav Himatsingka is the Founder & CEO of Truckola: an asset free, tech-enabled, full-solution intercity/interstate FTL transportation service provider. In his role at the organisation, Raghav spearheads strategy, growth and investor relations. He is responsible for the overall financial targets of the company including revenues, profits and key metrics as defined by the company.

Raghav is an Industrial Engineer from Georgia Tech – the #1 Industrial Engineering program in the USA – with a specialisation in Supply Chain Logistics. He also completed his Masters in Management Science from Stanford University where he specialised in Entrepreneurship. Before establishing Truckola, Raghav worked in his family transportation business where he operated in 19 out of 29 states in India and was widely instrumental in his company’s growth. He founded two new verticals in his company – Heavy Lifts Division and Automobile Transportation – and scaled them up to revenues of Rs. 120 crores annually within 3 years of starting up.

Having previously founded and scaled transport businesses from 0 to Rs. 120 crores, Raghav brings invaluable industry insights and successful entrepreneurship experience to Truckola. His vision is to revolutionise the cargo transport industry in India through greater transparency, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and, most of all, greater respect for all stakeholders in the transport community. Raghav considers his time spent at Stanford the single most important milestone in his life which has helped him in every aspect of his professional and personal life. Thanks to the learning, exposure and the interactions with some of the most ambitious and visionary leaders at Stanford, Raghav is confident of revolutionising the cargo transport industry in the same manner as Uber has revolutionised the taxi industry. This confidence also stems from his in-depth understanding of the transport industry as well as Truckola’s novel approach towards technology and customer service in the industry.

An inveterate travel enthusiast, Raghav has been to more than 55 countries across all 7 continents. He loves photography and is also an outgoing individual who likes to socialise and meet new people. Raghav likes to capture ideas rather than facts and therefore prefers reading non-fiction in his leisure time.


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