Rajesh Narain Gupta

Managing Partner, SNG & Partners



Relationships: An Asset Worth Preserving And Passing On To Next Generation

The new age has created new type of asset classes such as digital assets, art and artifacts which make the task a bit difficult for the patrons and patriarchs of a family while dealing with the new asset classes


Analyzing India's Journey To Become a Cashless Economy

With the growing threats of misuse of payment networks and data theft, a large number of retail customers are apprehensive of migrating to a digital payment infrastructure


Effective Asset Allocation Strategies Key To Wealth Protection And Generation For Millennials

Millennials constitute roughly 440 million of India's population and has emerged as the strongest working force in the economy


What You Can Expect From the Intercreditor Agreement

This report has the potential to resolve the issue of NPAs if Implemented mindfully

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