Tarun Bhalla

Founder & CEO of Avishkaar



7 Modern Trends To Look Out For in EdTech Industry in 2019

Augmented reality is set to a safe bet for the future with tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft heavily investing in the development of this technology and what does this mean for those belonging to the education industry?


Opportunities in Robotics in India

Robotics is the next big thing and sure be a trendsetter in many industries such as restaurants, warehousing, education, industrial automation, etc


Making is better than Consuming

Creating something in itself is a heavenly experience but creating something that you would yourself like to consume is something even better


Teach Robotics If You Want Your Child To Be The Next Elon Musk

The government of India (via NITI Aayog) has given 20 Lacs each to 7500 schools across all the twenty-nine states of the country to set up Atal Tinkering/Robotics Labs so that we can make one million autodidacts over next four years


5 Tips for Indian Hardware Entrepreneurs

There are loads of odds stacked against the hardware startups in India and we are trying to resolve some of the prominent issues

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