Tushar Jain

Founder and MD, High Spirit Commercial Ventures Pvt Ltd

Tushar Jain has over 20 years experience in the bags industry and founded High Spirit Commercial Ventures Pvt Ltd (HSCVPL) in 2010, a bags manufacturer and exporter. The company also owns leading other brands like Priority, Hashtag, Humty Dumty to cater to multiple segments in the backpack segment.

Jain was able to identify the gaps in the bags industry and found there was a great need for fashionable bags. He immediately grabbed the opportunity and made really big in the sector by becoming the fourth largest bags company in the world.


News and Trends

In The Luggage Bags Segment, Value Products Have Taken Over Discount Selling

The smart consumer of today knows how to explore price for value, the innovators and early adopters are more likely to shell out extra money

Growth Strategies

How Crucial Is Management For Enhancing Productivity In Manufacturing

Increased productivity certainly leads to increased revenues for the organisation but that should also be regulated to investing in machinery, software upgrades and putting new processes in place


The Rising Demand for Value Fashion Products Both in India and the International Market

A large number of brands have recognized the huge opportunity in the evolving Indian consumer, though it's a long way before they actually reach the scale as their foreign counterpart


The Changing Face of the Luxury Market in India and its Consumption Pattern

Indian buyers give huge importance to perception and value, quality and craftsmanship is the selling point but not the deciding factor for Indian buyers

Growth Strategies

India has an Edge over China in Tapping the Exports Market for Bags

The current market size of the backpackers and luggage backs of India is at INR 20,000 crore, whereas the domestic and export market of China is INR 3,00,000 crore


How GST has Changed the game for Organised Players in Luggage Segment

Introduction of GST, has been a boon for the industry which is witnessing a good growth after its coming into play

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