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10 reasons why education technology start-ups are game changers in India Ed-tech is advanced enough to make parents and teachers know about every student's day-to-day effort and even specific strengths and weaknesses.

By Aditi Avasthi

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1. Ed-Tech can ensure quality learning at massive scale

Training and coaching for higher education in India was initially available only to those who could afford it. A handful of institutes would teach a handful of students. Access to quality learning is still limited to what students have available around them. But, in a country as vast as India, the best solution to your problem may not always be in your geographical vicinity. Ed-tech products have proved to be a game-changer in this regard. Today, a single high quality ed-tech product is improving learning outcomes for lakhs of students in the country, irrespective of their level of ability or access.

2. Parents and Teachers can do a lot more

Growing up in India most of us know our way around our parents and teachers. We are all pretty good at keeping a poker face when they ask us questions around our studies or results. We became awesome at convincing them how much we learnt in a 2-hour Physics lecture, when all we probably did was day-dream! Ed-tech is advanced enough to make parents and teachers know about every student's day-to-day effort and even specific strengths and weaknesses.

3. Hard work can be augmented with smart work

No one is denying the importance of hard work but hard work is not the only element. It is important to work smart and reap maximum benefits out of the effort put in. Ed-tech platforms use intelligent data and actionable analytics to understand how students are performing. Embibe takes a deep dive into student performance across practice and tests and provides information that can pinpoint exact student weaknesses around accuracy, speed, time, stamina and other crucial metrics. It is like the cheat code that children search for while playing games. Once they have the cheat code they know it's easier to complete the game.

4. All work and no play? Ed-tech gamifies learning!

Believe it or not, barter still exists in education. Most students will relate to the line, "I'll buy you a mobile phone you've been craving for if you score 90 per cent in your final exam." Ed-tech imbibes a similar give-take approach towards drawing out much needed time and effort towards learning, only virtually.

Today's generation is obsessed with Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, so what better way to reach out to them than gamification of education. Rewarding students for their performance has worked as an age-old tactic. The exciting part, however, is making this reward real time, while a student prepares for some of the world's toughest examinations. For instance, Eduisfun provides an enhanced gamified learning experience. Mindhour are other online platforms that help students practice, play and progress in Maths and Science.

5. Analytics and data can help create more transparency and showcase real teaching and learning stars in the country

The game changer in the coming years will be "valuable insights'. For students "valuable insights' will be information around key performance metrics that will help them improve their scores whereas for teachers it will give a clear indication on what the weak links are. Teachers will be able to cover gaps in a student's consumption of knowledge by providing relevant and accurate information at the correct time. Increasing transparency in the delivery and consumption of education will actually help showcase the brightest of talent in India!

6. Massive improvement in short amounts of time

Students preparing on online platforms have seen a visible improvement in their overall performance and engagement with their studies. Parents and teachers can encourage students to supplement their tuitions and studies with interactive and adaptive online learning since they can see visible improvement in performance. Embibe is in fact the only platform to have visibly increased student scores consistently even with very short exposure to the product. Students across all levels of ability have actually improved their scores by 23 per cent on an average after taking just 1 test!

7. India can help you solve your doubts

In a country with 1 billion individuals, who better than the community itself to help resolve doubts and queries of students? With teacher student ratios of up to 1:1000 in some parts of the country, students are finding it exceedingly difficult to get clarity on questions and concepts that are bringing their scores down. Ed-tech platforms help student communities solve each other's doubts and even have experts to guide students with their difficulties.

8. Real time updates to demystify the complex world of exam preparation and admissions

The Stone Age is long gone and brick and mortar style of providing information to students is a thing of the past. In today's fast moving and quick paced world the way people consume information has completely changed. From application forms, news updates, exam timelines everything is uploaded online. Students tend to get lost in the pile of information that is now available. Online ed-tech platforms bring to the table real time and segmented updates relevant to each student at the right time. It's not about content it's all about context.

9. Real predictability in content

It is important to practice keeping in mind the exam you're preparing for. One cannot practice for a sprint and run a marathon; it has to be in sync. Thanks to technology, content and tests now get updated real time. The quality of content too has improved drastically with ed-tech start-ups engaging high quality faculty and some of the best young talent to create and review study material for day-to-day consumption.

10. Growth of Edtech can increase penetration of internet

Education is the one true meritocracy in a country like India. While the government is keen on increasing Internet penetration in India the real growth of a country will only happen when every "Indiavidual' will have access to quality education. Ed-tech will drive the need for Internet in every nook and corner of the country.

Education is at a stage of transformation and is changing like never before. Edtech start-ups are championing the cause of access, quality and performance.

Aditi Avasthi

Founder & CEO,


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