15 Startups Contributing To Sustainability The world is on the edge of doomsday as climate patterns have started to change leading to sea-levels rising, frequent forest fires, unexpected hail storms, etc. and sustainability is the way forward.

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The effects of climate change has the world worried. With the melting of polar ice and frequent climate shifts, adopting sustainable options is now a necessity, maybe even late. The world is on the edge of doomsday as climate patterns have started to change leading to sea-levels rising, frequent forest fires, unexpected hail storms, etc. Madrid faced its heaviest snowstorm in 50 years as the temperatures plummeted and brought the transport in and out of the city to a halt. Cyclone Ana in Fiji just a month after category 5 Cyclone Yasaleft the Fiji islands in shambles. A dust storm resulted in schools being shut and flights being grounded in China. There are green business models for many sustainable startups in the country. However, the products that they offer are not sustainable in nature. The startups offering products that are sustainable are capturing the markets. People are more reliant on the forces of nature especially the sun as people have started adopting solar energy, wind energy and even hydro energy. The consumer of today is more aware than the previous generations and hence they are moving towards 100 per cent natural products which will contribute towards a greener and cleaner future. And environmental sustainability is not constrained to the energy sector alone, but extends to the footwear as well as the beauty industry, among others. Here are some sustainability startups that are putting climate solutions and energy efficiency first.
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The shift to sustainable power has been evident for a couple of years. People have gone from using petrol-powered generators to relying on the power of the Sun, i.e. solar energy. This shift has brought forth energy start-ups such as Oorjan. Oorjan has been a prominent force in the energy startup as it offers solar energy options contributing to a cleaner and greener planet.

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Sea6 Energy

Founded on the campus of IIT-Chennai in 2010, Sea6 Energy has made a name for itself for being able to utilize the potential of the ocean in different ways to promote sustainability.  Sea6 Energy uses seaweed to make different products some of which include biofuel, bio-plastic, agricultural stimulant, etc.

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The idea for Phool.co was established in Kanpur at the ghats of the Ganges when Ankit Agarwal saw the floral waste from the temples being dumped into the holy river polluting it with pesticides and insecticides. Phool.co makes incense sticks using the same floral waste from the temples which prevent the rivers being polluted by the harmful chemicals being used to make pesticides.

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ZunRoof was founded to make personal energy consumption better, cleaner, and more affordable by using the power of the Sun. The company provides solar energy and IoT smart energy solutions for making next generation energy technology as they handle the energy harnessing, storage, maintenance, and consumption of electricity. The usage of solar power leads to a better, cleaner, more sustainable environment.

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The footwear industry is changing its ways and going towards sustainable options. Neeman’s has been creating waves in the footwear industry in the two years of its existence with their sustainable approach. The shoes are made of different materials which consist of used tyre rubber, PET bottles, cotton, as well as merino wool.

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Juicy Chemistry

This beauty startup was formed as a result of asking important questions which often go unasked. Juicy Chemistry aims to help everyone find the answers to their skin concerns as they believe that the answer lies in nature, transforming the landscape of organic and natural personal care. Juicy Chemistry has put together a range of 100 per cent organic and natural products.

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Beco took an environment-friendly approach to do away with plasticproducts. A beach clean-up in Mumbai made the trio Aditya, Anuj and Akshay wonder the what extent are plastic products and plastic in general damaging the environment. The startup makes bamboo toothbrushes, natural laundry cleaner, compostable garbage bags, etc., which contribute in making the planet green.

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ReNew Power

ReNew Power is one of the largest renewable energy independent power producers in India. The company is present in utility-scale wind, solar and hydro energy projects spread across 10 Indian states.ReNew Power is the only company in the Indian renewable energy sector with approximately 7GW of operational capacity, providing India with cleaner and greener energy.

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Avaada Energy

Avaada Energy, much like Renew, is also present in the solar and wind energy space. Avaada works in India and Africa as it has set its vision to having a more sustainable approach. The company has built some of the largest solar and wind projects across 10 states in India with them presently having a 5GW project pipeline spanning emerging African and Asian countries.

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The startup which launched India’s first bamboo footwear has made the entire nation curious. Flatheads innovates by using natural fibres and sustainable materials for making shoes and apparel for all-day casual dressing and appropriate for the climate and everyday use cases.

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Bambrew is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic mailer bags or plastic packaging as the startup wants to replace plastic packaging with eco-friendly paper bags which are made out of bamboo, sugarcane and seaweed. The sustainable packaging products are all claimed to be 100% handmade and made by various tribes in the country.

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Cratse is committed to using nature’s resources judiciously, creating alternatives to timber-based paper by utilizing the abundant surplus crop residue left behind for burning after the harvest. Craste not only attempts to put a stop to the stubble burning problem but the quality of their product is also food grade, and the high-quality paper that is produced by the company is known for its ability to retain its form, shape and strength.

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Fourth Partner Energy

Three friends joined hands to set up a firm to offer clean, green and affordable electricity to every Indian business. Their solar solutions are customized to help business owners lower their carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals while ensuring cost benefits of 30-60 per cent on electricity consumed. The company is committed to transitioning India and southeast Asia to a low-carbon emission economy.

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Low oil prices have given rise to the production and usage of plastic products. Ecoware provides an alternative to plastic tableware. Through food waste management, the startup turns common crop food waste into sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics. The products offered by Ecoware are certified from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

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Pappco Greenware

PappcoGreenware is a bootstrapped startup that was launched to provide replacements for single-use plastics. The company makes biodegradable kitchenware products. The kitchenware products which include plates, glasses, and bowls are all made up of natural fibers such as sugarcane, wheat straw, and bamboo. The company also offers wooden cutlery as a part of its product range. The clientele of the startup includes Tata Starbucks, Trent, Reliance Retail, Marriott Hotels, Nandos Chicken, etc. 

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