For First Time Entrepreneurs: Advantages of Working out of Shared Workspaces for Small Teams Co-working spaces sometimes offer what traditional office spaces don't.

By Rahul R

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Office meant a havoc for the startups, where to get the money for a proper corporate office and one cannot attract people without one.At times people had the money but the infrastructure was missing.Bygone are those days, the whole concept of working has changed today. Working is no more restricted to inside closed-door cabins reporting to stern bosses constantly after your life and absorbing all the resultant stress. Modern working is all about adding in the touch of fun to conventional work, and working with more like-minded people sharing similar passions. Also, the entire concept of a conventional office is now deviating towards co-working spaces which are seen by experts as breeding grounds for quality entrepreneurship.

The biggest advantage offered by the new-age co-working spaces is the fact that entrepreneurs can afford to work in smaller teams or by themselves as well. This sounds right for people having limited budget at their disposal but aiming to make a difference through quality business models. Alongside this, experts have also rated the below aspects as offering comprehensive advantage for entrepreneurs working out of co-working areas across India:

  • Connectivity with like-minded individuals: Another major USP of working out of a co-working space (with a miniscule team) is the fact that entrepreneurs can connect with other entrepreneurs sharing similar interests and passions. This relationship can be used to further entrepreneurial aspects of both the parties resulting in a win-win situation as far as framing a robust network is concerned.

  • Mentorship: With co-working spaces being a hub of entrepreneurial activity, there are bound to be veterans who are more than willing to share their expertise on various aspects right from improvising on the business idea to developing robust business models and even in finding the right investors. Another advantage that these space offer is an exclusive network of investors who are ever ready to invest in intuitive ventures.

  • Fun working environs: Diversion from the monotony of a conventional office is mostly eliminated by a modern day co-working facility. With facilities such as indoor games, informal work cultures, and low pricing models; these spaces are offering what entrepreneurs of today require to stay motivated while working,

  • Strategic Locations and easy access to social and network events: This matters the most as co-working spaces generally spring up in central locations (the central business districts) in most cities making it convenient to commute to and fro. Also, with a majority of these spaces strategically located close to major social hubs, entrepreneurs can leverage this advantage to derive both visibility as well as networking.

  • Easy on the pockets: Co-working spaces generally tend to offer subscription plans that should generally find takers relatively easily. These plans are custom-made based on the requirements of entrepreneurs (and startup owners), allowing them access to quality facility at budget prices. The prices here are also lesser than conventional office spaces charging hefty premiums.

Rahul R

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Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 

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