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How to Create Social Media Campaigns Just by Working Freelance Your creativity in ensuring brand visibility comes to the forefront and then there is no looking back

By Rahul R

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Freelance entrepreneurship has undoubtedly qualified as a fast-rising trend today, both from an entrepreneurial as well as business experts' point of view; entrepreneurs are constantly looking at finding ways to unconventionally yet easily offer solutions to plaguing issues. At this point in time, one major issue that could be addressed through freelance creativity is creating digital media campaigns for different brands.

Now, social media campaign creation could be done directly for client as well as for B2B service providers. In this regard if you are a first-time entrepreneur, desirous of going freelance, you could check out the below pointers using which you could effectively create your first freelance social media campaigns for brands to showcase your creativity to the world:

  • Through creative writing: Writing skills for entrepreneurs has been rated highly and as one amongst the key entrepreneurial skills in 2018. Here, you could brush up your writing skills and write creatively for social media campaigns. Remember that the idea is to effectively put forward the brand value, and the offerings of the brand, without consumers feeling burdened. Your writing should clearly capture the essence of the brand and convince others to at least take a look at its social media presence.

  • Conceptualize and Ideate: Conceptualize both the brand offerings as well as how you would ensure visibility on social media. The concept here should be your motivator. With motivation in, you could ideate easily and effectively on whom to position the campaign for.

  • Lessen the burden on audiences: Remember that in today's digital world, consumers are exposed to a lot of content; both related as well as unrelated. Your campaign should be worked out such a way that all essential information is conveyed in a manner that is acceptable to the community as a whole. Do not bombard your brand offerings; rather use a toned-down approach to convey the message.

  • Choose appropriate timelines: Ensuring timeliness is a major factor in the success of your campaigns. Identify social media trends, pick this up, converse with your clients, and decide on the appropriate timelines. Identifying trends is the key here.

  • Introduce "Influencers" in your campaign: While creating campaigns, include elements which could potentially result in influencing consumers towards a decision (both positive and negative). For instance, if you create a campaign highlighting a new car; you could research and include information on why the car is worth buying. This could trigger a chain of thoughts in the consumers' minds and could potentially get them to act.

Rahul R

Former Staff

Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 
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