Five Tips for a Successful Entrepreneurship in Retail Retail is a prodigious prospect to test out a business idea; all you need is dedication and a clear mindset

By Nitin Mohan

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The charm of retail is hard to ignore. With e-commerce picking speed like never before, the apparent simplicity of classical brick and mortar retail still holds its magnetism. It's noticeable; you can experience it in person.

Here come 5 tips on how to give wings to your dreams of retail entrepreneurship

Know Your Consumer

Retail is a phenomenal opportunity, to really get to know your consumer. The simplicity of thinking about an individual shoppe really helps one to get into the mind of our target consumer.

The importance of truly understanding the behaviour, the aspirations, and getting into the mind of the consumer, consuming the offered product or service can never be understated. Guest feedbacks, interacting with strangers outside your comfort zone, applying the use of technology are some of the nuances that no entrepreneur should ever miss out on.

Keep Innovating

Garment retail business is a tricky one as there is a continuous demand for meeting consumer's updated fashion fantasies. So, once you have identified your niche audience, bring in an iterative process to innovate products as per their demands. Getting into the details of the consumer interacting with the product, the sales process, the packaging, the entire experience, further helps in offering excellent customer experience.

Product perfection is one aspect a lot of entrepreneurs give a miss. It is imperative to ideate, design, vendor management and burning the midnight oil to get the perfect product. And to enhance consumer satisfaction, your store is the opportunity to witness the consumer communication with the product, which can further be used to modulate your product line accordingly.

Keep the Data Metrics Simple

In the generation of technology, no brand can afford to live under the rock and not adapt to the modern means of reading consumer behaviour. Get your facts on gross margin return on footage right along with the store set-up costs before investing in a new location play a primary role in achieving your dreams.

Pay Attention to Details

Right from finding the perfect store location to carefully observing every customer, the key to a successful business lies in details. Pay keen attention to taxations, lease negotiations and plan the layout in detail.

Visual merchandising plays a major role in the retail sector. The props used, the store ambience, the staff uniform are some of the important factors as they represent your product/brand and hence need a skilled team to execute the project.

Be Open to Feedback

In the retail industry, the customer is King. Training your staff to sell what you offer to take feedback in person or via various offline and online mediums play a crucial part in aligning your business approach as per the market demand. Use social media, leaflets, emails, a guestbook for compiling how and what does a customer feel about you and your products.

Retail is a prodigious prospect to test out a business idea; all you need is dedication and clear the mindset to make it big on your entrepreneurship journey.
Nitin Mohan

Founder & Director, Blackberrys Menswear

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