5 Tips to Deal with Creative Block Every Entrepreneur Must Know

There are various reasons that might cause creative blocks such as fear of rejection, anxiety, criticism, lack of financial support and self-doubt

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Barriers in creativity or creative blocks are described as incapability to explore inner creativity. People— such as writers, designers, musicians, artists, performers and entrepreneurs—who are in creative fields are affected by creative blocks which can last for many days, months and in some cases even years, and it directly affects your work, performance and mental health as well.

There are various reasons that might cause creative blocks, such as fear of rejection, anxiety, criticism, lack of financial support and self-doubt, among various others.

Working in a creative industry is an amazing experience, but sometimes it can be tricky in order to stay enthusiastic and inspired all the time. Here are the five tips to deal with creative blocks for entrepreneurs.

Start Writing it Down on Paper

The act of writing itself might reduce stress levels, which improves focus that helps in improving creativity and deep thinking for more creative ideas. Writing by hand involves motor neurons and senses in the brain compared with typing on a keyboard, and it is also known that writing by hand sharpens the memory and gives a sense of well-being.

Expand Your Imagination

Probably the best thing you can do to sharpen your inventiveness is to take advantage of the natural innovativeness and resourcefulness. Start giving yourself some time to let your mind explore, wander and daydream; this will help you to develop new ideas to brainstorm.

When you cultivate your brain that is imaginative, balanced, full of knowledge and open to all possibilities, you will experience that your creativity will increase.

Make a Positive Workspace

Workspace plays a major role when it comes to creativity, as you need a positive approach and fresh ideas to increase productivity. Designate a workspace with natural lighting as artificial lighting can drop cortisol levels and lead to sleepiness.

A balcony, quiet garden and outdoor patio are the best options for a creative workspace.

One should always time creative sessions early in the morning or afternoon to make the most during the daytime.

Meditate at least Once a Day

Practising meditation once a day for a few minutes is very important. Mindful meditation helps you to relax, inspire self-reflection, and improve awareness. Exploring your inner self and mind will help you focus better and will improve creativity.

Wake up Early in the Morning to Make the Most of the Day

Waking up early in the morning will provide you with extra time to approach fresh ideas with a clear mind before dealing with other responsibilities of the day. Change in schedule may bring some new thoughts and insights to be more creative throughout the day.

To conclude, working in creative field of work is an amazing experience but once in a lifetime, everyone goes through creative blocks but there are tips and tricks by which it is easy to deal with creative blocks and to improve creativity to grow more in the future.

Dillraj L Bhatia

Founder, DBEL Studio

A lighting designer and a former architect, Dilraj L Bhatia is the founder of DBEL Studio- a one-stop shop for architectural as well as decorative lighting.

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