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7 Signs: Do you have Entrepreneurship in Blood? Persistence gets what you want and consistency keeps what you got

By Vinod Tiwari

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India is a country with diversification and a lot of hidden talent within every human being, and I truly believe that entrepreneurship is in the blood of every citizen.

Entrepreneurship is a dream, it is a passion, it is a dedication, it is worship, it is service, and overall it is a mindset. It has so many versions and it purely depends on how you look at it and pursue. Here are the major seven signs, which you can check if entrepreneurship is in your blood.

Purpose of life

The first and foremost quality which makes them above from the crowd is having a meaningful purpose of life. They are well aware that why they need to be alive tomorrow and the day after. They do set up a mission of their life and do meticulous planning to keep focused. Entrepreneurs do set big but achievable goals and do verbalize/visualize it every single day. They believe that it is better to wear out than to rust out and thus they utilize their full potential.

Positive lookers

It is very easy to see what everyone sees, but difficult to look into it positively and discover the best outcome from it. Looking positive in a person even in a negative situation is a must quality of an entrepreneur. You are going to get, only what you will expect, as your team cannot go beyond your expectations. It is not magnifying glass, which can burn the carbon paper under sunlight, but the focus can make it possible. Do focus on solutions and not problems.

Principle and ethics

Why it happens that, few entrepreneurs are more successful than others? It is so simple, few of them run their life on principals, but others run their life on circumstances. You must have a firm base of ethics on which you can stand and build your empire. Those who are not depending on the outside forces can design and plan their future. Success comes after taking decisions and decisions can be made if you set principals and work ethics.

Interpersonal skills

Successful entrepreneurs are having a magnetic personality and people want to get engaged with them because either they are liked, loved or trusted. The reason is that, they do possess interpersonal skills like, how to talk, listen, question, behave, act, understand, react, motivate, empathize and inspire the team. The way we learn to handle the machinery, same way we need to learn how to handle human beings carefully, without touching their ego. Regardless of any industry, every entrepreneur must learn these skills.

Trust others

If you as an entrepreneur and wish to grow bigger, you will have to learn to create and manage a big team of people. Creating a team could be an easy task, but leading them towards the common goal is not so easy, because you need to extend your trust. Positive people do trust everyone with whom they are associated with and they receive the same in terms of loyalty. Trust is a belief. It refers to ideas concerning risk, power and dependency.

Risk takers

We all have grown up listening that, "no risk -no gain' and also we have experienced around that those who have taken a big risk, they gained big. Despite knowing the fact, why we do not tender for it? Visionary entrepreneurs analyze the future and take calculative risk after a good assessment of the situation. Mark Zuckerberg once said, "The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that's changing quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."


Entrepreneurs are well aware of the fact that they need to keep learning to grow with faster speed. And hence the reason all the big leaders are hungry for more and they learn in every situation. All successful entrepreneurs do invest a lot on themselves via learning from mentors, books, seminars. When was the last time, you read a new book, attend a new seminar, learn new skills, become a mentee, just check yourself to find how teachable you're? It is all about learning, unlearning and relearning.

If you are consistent and persistent towards your action plan you can even beat talented people. Persistence gets what you want and consistency keeps what you got. Wake up early, be a self-starter, think creatively, work hard, and stop only when you are done, not when you get tired.

Not only how you talk; but even how you walk, not only how you spend money; but how you spend your time, not only how you write; but how you think, not only how you act; but how you react. Your every bit of actions defines you and your entrepreneurship mindset.

Vinod Tiwari

Regional Mentor of Change-ATL NITI Aayog, Entrepreneurship Consultant, UAE and India

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