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#7 Things A Start-up Can Learn From Rajamouli And Baahubali Team Start-up entrepreneurs need to be visionary to build a product or service that captivates a market

By Kumar Asheshanand

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Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is making and breaking records at the box office. The movie with its two parts has broken barriers that Hindi film industry has built up over the years.

The breathless action in the film coupled with impeccable graphics, had a profound impact on the viewers. The efforts which are inculcated to make a movie are also required for establishing a successful start-up.

These are the seven things that a start-up can learn from Rajamouli and Bahubali team.

Believe In Quality Product Or Services

There should be leaders like Rajamouli in your start-up who are obsessed with perfection and are conscious about quality. Considering the movie as a product you can see the beauty of product designs and development.

If the market for your product is supportive, quality in product designs and development is the thing which can uplift your product to higher levels.

In the movie, you can see that every small part is directed beautifully keeping the viewers' expectations in mind.

Similarly, a start-up should focus on every small part of their product and services in terms of design and user experiences.

Visionary Leadership

Visionary Rajamouli has a higher level of inner power required to change and create the cinema world, which can match audience imaginations to a perfect story read during his childhood.

Grand production design, luxurious visual effects, elaborated period costume, great music, classical photography, well choreographed fight and artistic war sequence are the results of his visions for which he worked relentlessly until he was satisfied with the end results.

Start-up entrepreneurs need to be visionary, to build a product or service that captivates a market, impacts a community or transforms an industry. Inspiring leaders have visions for their start-ups, a motivational factor for team.

Teamwork And Commitment

Good team is always important for any start-up, but It also depends on leaders how they are converting a team to a good one. Hard work and commitment of more than thousands of people were involved in the cult classic Bahubali, a film that has created a special place in the history of Indian Cinema.

Those involved with the Bahubali team must feel privileged to be a part of such an excellent team work. For any start-up, good and dedicated team is a critical success factor. It will be a boon for your start-up when you have team members like Prabhas who had committed himself for five years , had not signed any film or ad for those five years.


The team of Bahubali is just like a disciplined army. The cast and crew are being driven by Rajamouli with utmost dedication. According to Baahubali 2 sound designer PM Satheesh, bollywood doesn't have the discipline to make a film like this. Running a start-up requires discipline. Discipline enables you to get the small stuffs right so that business scales well and is optimised in areas like marketing, product development and supply chain. When you are working on big projects, it needs patience and discipline to complete it with all proper requirements and on time.

Self-marketing Factor

Good reviews and word of the mouth are the main reasons for success of the movie. Quality in any product is the biggest marketing factor.

The Baahubali brand has been very well established in India now. Generally good products have such features which motivate users to share them with others.

"Why Kattapa killed Bahubali," this was the marketing principle which was utilized by Team Bahubali i.e. Create anxiety among audience.

Social Media became a good contributor towards spreading this across the nation in humorous form. When audience went to cinema to watch the second part of the movie, they were curious to find the answers to those questions. They found that there were a lot of other things in the movie which made it worth watching. The viral coefficients of both the movies are high. Start-ups should focus on virality factors in their products or services. It helps in customer acquisition at low cost.

Beating Comparison And Competition Factor

Whenever a new product or service is launched, it gets compared with other products. Impact of comparison is different for different industries.

First part of Bahubali movie got great responses and became a challenge for second part in terms of quality. When there is comparison of your new product with only the previous one, It shows the success of your brand or product.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion has broken all records on box office and created new ones. It is just like when a new budget smartphone gets launched with good reviews and is sold out within few minutes.

Remove Language Barrier To Reach Your Target Audience

When you have product or services that can compete throughout the world, then, language should not be the barrier. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion has been released in four languages — Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam and will be released in other languages also.

Kumar Asheshanand

Director Business, HinKhoj

Kumar Asheshanand is product and business guy leading Hindi focussed e-learning and translation service startup HinKhoj which have 10 Million+ download on playstore and reached over 100 Million + new user from website.

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