Why Should You be a Part of Entrepreneur 360 India List?

Entrepreneur India is looking for the best privately-owned businesses in India and the entrepreneurs behind it all. The analysis will involve India-based businesses designed to uncover the top leaders among today's entrepreneurs

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By Aashika Jain

Entrepreneur India

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A 360-degree analysis of top privately-held companies across a multitude of industries is what the Entrepreneur 360 List is about. The evaluation process marks the real reason why companies should be interested in making it to the Entrepreneur 360 List.

At Entrepreneur India, we are constantly searching for India's next Richard Branson and the next Ratan Tata. The parameters that are strictly used to search for the illustrious 360 companies that'll make for the Entrepreneur 360 List will help Entrepreneur India be victorious in its findings.

For the past four years, US' Entrepreneur magazine has conducted a nationwide search to find the most entrepreneurial companies in the country, rating and ranking them using a proprietary algorithm that factors in their ability to expertly balance impact, innovation, growth, leadership and value. The results of each year's search have been found to be most impressive and diverse to date.

Now it is the time for Indian companies to show their presence and dominance to the world via the Entrepreneur 360 India List. Share with us how your company excels in the areas of impact, innovation, growth and leadership—and we'll share your grit, passion and success with the world.

Impact – Is your business empowering enough for it to dent a real industry, sector or ecosystem?

Innovation – Are you inventing techniques and technologies that will determine the future consumption behavior of businesses, companies and their stakeholders?

Growth – A businesses' real presence can be evaluated when it begins climbing the ladder of growth by expansion. With explosive untapped opportunities in India helped by the metric of economies of scale, growth quotient is huge in the country.

Leadership – Getting a business together is one thing but leading a business is another. If you have the right leadership approach, which will catapult your business to soaring heights, this List if worth exploring.

Business Valuation – Amid ever-growing chatter is the real story of valuation. If your business has withered the storms, created an impact, innovated, grown, led and succeeded what are you valued at and how much will an investor who has as much conviction as you in your business is willing to pay for your business is what will determine real victory.

Apply for the Entrepreneur 360 India List NOW!

Entrepreneur India is looking for the best privately-owned businesses in India and the entrepreneurs behind it all.

The analysis will involve India-based businesses designed to uncover the top leaders among today's entrepreneurs. The business cannot be a franchisee or franchisor. (The Franchise 500 is a separate study designed to measure successful franchise businesses.)

All those interested in participating in the Entrepreneur 360 List, can click here. The deadline to apply is March 31, 2019.

Do You Have it in You?

The creators of today will inspire the builders of tomorrow. Your peers who have the DNA to succeed will become fellow members of the List. How to ace this game of growth, inspiration, hope and balance and how to grow together is what this List will reveal.

Only those who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit to succeed and would like the world to take note can become an Entrepreneur 360 company.

What will you being featured in the List give you? – Hope; the hope for a better future, for a brighter nation and for a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem. If you are in your business to win the real race of life, this List is sure for you.

Aashika Jain

Entrepreneur Staff

Former Associate Editor, Entrepreneur India

Journalist in the making since 2006! My fastest fingers have worked for India's business news channel CNBC-TV18, global news wire Thomson Reuters, the digital arm of India’s biggest newspaper The Economic Times and Entrepreneur India as the Digital Head. 

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