Are Indian Business Entrepreneurs Satisfied With Their Business Growth? Adding laurels to business despite to successful career growth

By Rustam Singh

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Rewriting the rules of business along with the setting up winning solutions are the top secrets of business entrepreneurs. However, after treading ahead on the journey of their entrepreneurial life, few business personalities think their yearning to lead the business world is still to be attained. These entrepreneurs are not actually satisfied with their business growth and they are working on their master plans to establish their organization or startups on the basis of these guidelines.

There are a few entrepreneurs who are glad to acknowledge their success yet their vision is still to succeed ahead in their journey of business endeavors. Hence, it is the right time to take a look at both the types of personalities who are not satisfied with their business growth and the ones who have attained success in remarkable way and want to further expand the projects of their startup.

Prem Ganapathy

Prem owns The Dosa Plaza which is a food outlet in Mumbai. He got a setback in his career which boosted his morale by teaching him lesson. He came across many hurdles whether it was being left alone by the person accompanying him to Bombay or the non-acceptance of his appeal by his boss to make him a waiter. Since, Prem Ganapathy was determined to attain success, he established his food plaza by adding various types of Dosas. He included the Chinese touch to his Dosas which proved to be successful for him. Therefore, the major USP of his approach towards business was to create a unique business model to grab the attention of users. Ganesh is acclaimed to ensure only fresh and hygienic food is offered in The Dosa Plaza. At present, there are 26 outlets of Dosa Plaza which are well-connected and networked along with the provision of training managers who train the staff members to serve the customers ideally.

Is Prem Satisfied With His Business Growth

Prem Ganapathy is very happy to have traveled a long way towards success despite of the several hindrances in the path. He might have not been able to initially save the confiscation of food cart, but, now he is a proud owner of Dosa Plaza restaurants where lots of variations are dosas are added to the dishes. He seems to be satisfied, but still his aim is to live up to the expectations of setting up the food outlets in different countries. Prem has set a goal to generate revenue of Rs. 40 Crore from Rs. 30 Crore business in this year.

Ramesh Babu

Ever heard about a barber who owns a Rolls Royce? Well, this might sound surprising, but it's true. Ramesh Babu will amaze you by his entrepreneurial success and journey started from small venture. He hails from Bangalore and is currently into the business of hair cutting and styling. He has shown an exceptional business expertise by setting a perfect example of winning in corporate world regardless of hardships and challenges. At present, he is running business of rent-a-car fleet of 67 cars and has become billionaire through the successful growth. It is his passion which keeps him going and he yearns for continuous success. Ramesh Babu's story of transformation from barber to billionaire is mind-blowing and inspiring. In this cut-throat competitive world, he has not stopped cutting hair regardless of the fact that he has become one of the richest entrepreneurs of India. He believes that one should not forget his humble beginnings.

Is Ramesh Satisfied With His Business Growth

Ramesh is very down-to-earth person because he has been still pursuing his initial business. He shows his gratitude to his early career beginning. At the age of 7, Ramesh Babu lost his father and later on he started to run the barber shop which was left behind his father. He would have been the most successful entrepreneur in India yet his roots of hair cutting and styling are still with him. He charges a nominal price for each haircut. In terms of career and business growth, Ramesh Babu has done pretty well, but, he might welcome opportunities, if he gets a chance.

These two entrepreneurs might have started their career on a small scale, but, their success stories are really inspiring. Regardless of being satisfied with their business growth, these entrepreneurs are looking forward to expand their business.

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