DealShare Founder Sourjyendu Medda On Apps He Can't Live Without "I am just a little miffed that the next generation will never know the struggles we all had with cash, wallets, and change," he says

By S Shanthi

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What separates entrepreneurs from others is the way they utilize every hour of their life to the fullest. And, to do this, they leverage technology in the best possible way. Sourjyendu Medda, founder and Co-CEO, DealShare is no exception in this. While he is constantly trying to build the best tech stack for DealShare, he is also using apps to keep a work-life balance. He is also glad that the days of cash and paper are over.

"I am just a little miffed that the next generation will never know the struggles we all had with cash, wallets, and change," he says.


"WhatsApp is an integral part of my life, both on the professional and personal front. Messages, calls, and video chat, regardless of platform or model of phone, I am able to be connected to my family and friends seamlessly, anywhere, anytime. On the business front, WhatsApp is a tool that has led us to the success we have achieved. The app compliments not only our business model but is ubiquitous enough in the market that it allows us to attract customers, who otherwise have shied away from technology."


"The app allows me to be regularly updated with the latest trends, business and operational insights, professional developments, events and platforms and thought leadership as well as find inspiration in the stories and journeys of millions of people working towards their own and their community's goals and objectives. The ability to connect with like-minded people, expand my network among other founders and startups, and understand divergent viewpoints helps me be a better founder, CEO and manager."


The pressure of steering a young unicorn like ours forces one to de-prioritize aspects of our lives that many of us take for granted. Our connection with friends and family is often sidetracked by the constant and varied requirements of running a company with so many moving parts. Facebook/Meta lets me remain connected without having to forcibly make a choice between these two aspects of my life. While nothing beats personal and physical interaction, this app is perfect as the next best alternative.


"I am happy to admit that I am one of the many millions in India, in absolute awe of digital payment services. The ease with which apps like GPay have allowed millions of people to switch from paper currency to digital payments, is nothing short of a miracle, especially in a country where interfacing with technology has always been unequal. And, GPay is my favorite among these apps as it is easy to use and understand, is efficient, and offers a range of services."

S Shanthi

Senior Assistant Editor

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