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Women Are Driving Social Entrepreneurship We may need lion hearts for various odd ventures of the world but for social entrepreneurship, we need the tender mindset of a mother

By Caroline Boudreaux

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The world is currently flooded with entrepreneurs, both developing and experienced. The entrepreneurial route has proven to be especially popular amongst women to create a meaningful impact for others in need.

It's good to see that more and more women are taking up the causes they personally care about and are making a lifelong commitment to fighting the gaps in their communities. Women are considered the most empathetic gender. This characteristic gives them the power to understand other people's perspectives and the ability to step into the shoes of the most vulnerable people. Also, this enables women to channel this perceptiveness into their entrepreneurial ventures and draw insights to get results that make a difference in the lives of other people.

The Real Motivator

Passion, dedication, and courage are the traits that women entrepreneurs have to tackle the social challenges our world is faced with today. It is also what keeps us going, as touching people's lives is where a true sense of gratification is achieved.

Today, women are challenging stereotypes and driving real, meaningful change. Many women hold seats in the top ranks of management, the C Suite and hold board roles. Women in leadership often allow other minorities to also join ranks. When women are in charge of major decision-making roles, there is more diversity in thought and the whole organization gets stronger. Interestingly, Mother Teresa broke the glass ceiling in what she accomplished for the poor. She changed the way people serve the most vulnerable. She proved that we are all equal. Mother Teresa serves as one of the greatest female role models as she gave of herself fully to serve the most vulnerable. She continues to be one of the most well-known and beloved heroes throughout the world.

Women Taking Leadership Roles

Women in leadership often allow other minorities to also join ranks. When women are in charge are in major decision-making roles, there is more diversity in thought and the whole organization gets stronger.

Women led social enterprises today are changing the world by focusing on improving; child care systems, creating employment, healthcare, the environment, education, employment, basic needs, and numerous others. The care and support of orphaned children, in particular, is seeing large scale efforts taking place in India and other parts of the world. These women led organizations are partnering with governments, NGOs, organizations, and corporations not only at the local level but with a global outlook as well. Women entrepreneurs are growing in number and are breaking traditional boundaries.

There is a Whole World Waiting For You

Our recommendation to all those women who envision becoming entrepreneurs; the bias is often times self-imposed. Be hard on yourself and be self-critical. All the change starts from within. That's where the real battle is fought.

"There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women."

Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

Caroline Boudreaux

Founder, Miracle Foundation

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