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I Looked At An Alternative: Harssh Chheda Here's how you get a perfect fit, prompt service, and precise tailoring

By Sunil Pol

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Always there is been the question over the standardization of the clothing sizes in India. As in most cases these sizes fail to fit in the physique of every consumer who could require the middle size between small and medium that is between shoulder size of 38 inch and 40 inch. Thus, frustrated over the absence of the right size clothes and lack of options for custom tailoring in the market, Bloomington's Kelley School of Business returned Harssh Chheda decided to launch the Bespoke Tailoring Services to offer perfect fit, prompt service and precise tailoring to the needy consumers under the company name Corporate Collars. Therefore, describing his entrepreneurial journey Harssh Chheda, Founder, Corporate Collars spoke to Entrepreneur Media.

What inspired you to launch Corporate Collars?

After graduating from Indiana University Bloomington's Kelley School of Business, when I returned to India, I found it exceptionally difficult to find my size in clothes. A small was too tight and a medium was too loose. Frustrated, I looked at an alternative and was shocked to find such a lack of options for custom tailoring. I thought to myself that there will be others like me that would be facing the same problem and that led to the inception of Corporate Collars. We are a 100 percent debt-free company and have raised no funds.

What was the reaction of your family?

My family, my parents in particular, have been incredibly supportive and have backed me to the hilt to go ahead and pursue my dreams and execute my vision for the brand.

Throw some light on the functionality of the business strategy and operations?

We started our operations in 2013 as one of its kind Bespoke Tailoring Services at from Altamount Road and Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai. My focus at Corporate Collars has always been customer satisfaction and it is something that everyone at the organization lives by. All our functioning, strategies and operations are based around this basic principle. We provide our clients with expedited delivery if need be and maintain our promise of the Perfect Fit, Prompt Service and Precise Tailoring. Our operations have been streamlined in order to fulfil our commitment to the customers. We currently have 5 outlets.

Please tell us about Coporate Collars on Wheels service?

Corporate Collars on Wheels is a complete solution to your styling needs, with the convenience of getting your tailoring services right at your door step. has been introduced for the first time ever and it embodies the Corporate Collars™ promise of the Perfect Fit, Precise Tailoring, and Prompt Service for both men and women. The service not only comes with the ease of convenience but also with an added benefit of your personal stylist who will advise you on redesigning your wardrobe.

How the concept works?

The concept serves consumers by first understanding their requirements then suggesting and discussing the design and fabric he or she wish to get tailored followed by having their measurements taken professionally. The van is sleek and refurbished with a novel approach. The van bequeaths all the facilities and truly reflects the aura of Corporate Collars™ and has been meticulously designed to enhance the ease of purchase for the customers with a wide variety of superior products.

The Van will travel to different places throughout the week aspires to bring proprietary panache of Corporate Collars™ to your locality through prior appointments.

How the concept helps busy metropolitans?

This unique concept of Tailoring on Wheels has been initiated for working corporate men and women who are busy with the hustle and bustle of the city life. This concept really goes to where the customers are, instead of waiting for them to come. The concept has been designed keeping in mind the dire needs of today's corporate audiences who lack time but still want to stand apart from the crowd.

What are your future expansion plans?

We are looking to continue growing organically. We are looking to expand the footprint of our brick and mortar stores as well as increase our fleet of Corporate Collars on Wheels since we have had a breathtaking response for the same.

Are you willing to invest in new venture or genre?

Absolutely on a personal level I have invested in numerous other startups as well as in the equity markets.

Any patent have you registered for?

We have registered for multiple patents and have been granted a few as well.

Sunil Pol

Correspondent, Entrepreneur India

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