Key Entrepreneurial Takeaways from the Life of Steve Jobs

On his 64th birthday, entrepreneurs share key takeaways from the life of the most revolutionary man in the tech world

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When you talk about a computer genius, two names that immediately pop in the mind are that of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They will remain in history as the two most important computer wizards who brought a revolution in the tech world. While Bill Gates is alive and one hopes that he stays forever to take the tech world to great heights, the business world saw the end of an era when Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011, after losing a battle to pancreatic cancer. While the world saw a huge loss with Jobs' death, his lessons on life, entrepreneurship still live on. Steve Jobs did not have the most perfect life. If he won big, he lost big as well. However, it is this losing, gaining and then rebuilding himself into a legend that makes Steve Jobs one of the most inspiring and unforgettable personalities in the world.


On his 64th birthday, entrepreneurs share key takeaways from the life of the most revolutionary man in the tech world.


Steve Jobs was a thinker. He thought, he created and he conquered. That is the definition of "the man" in a sentence. Avneet Makkar, CEO of CarveNiche Technologies Pvt Ltd, said "Steve Jobs showed the world how design thinking can be integrated into technology. I'm a true believer of this and we strive to build products that are simple and user-friendly". Apart, from being an entrepreneur, he was also an inventor. The computer caught the fancy of this intelligent child after which he not only changed the destiny of himself but also the destiny of the entire mankind.

Let's Talk Business

The creator, tech wizard that he was, Jobs was able to build one of the biggest tech empires in the world which are counted among the best even today. His life has umpteen takeaways for people who are on the lookout to create something that they are extremely passionate about. Janvion Rodrigues, CEO and Founder of Urban Shaman Magic, says that he grew up in an era when Steve Jobs transformed Apple from a regular tech company into the biggest brand in the world. "Steve Jobs was a pioneer and his business strategies have been a big influence on me and have defined how I conduct business." Rodrigues shares that he only focuses on niche markets. "I ensure that all my products and services are only of the highest and most premium quality. The path to success is clear, thanks to him being a genius," he adds.

Customer Centricity and Disruptive Innovation

Jobs' understanding of the market and customer needs was impeccable. A lot of people who worked under him or with him have spoken at length about how dedicated and focused he was while developing a product. Perhaps, this tunnel-focus led Apple into becoming the world's most valuable company.

Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO of Denave, shares that customer-centricity was the mainstay of Steve Job's approach. "He stressed upon the importance of an intuitive understanding of the user's need and visualizing that need even before the user can define that need! Thereupon connecting the dots of needs and solutions, imbibing smart technology, he went on to build distinctive, minimalistic, innovative and disruptive products." Bhattacharjee explains that across the world, organizations have striven to imbibe and implement this core spirit of Jobs'.