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The amalgamation of the science of plants – Botanicals with the concepts of Ayurveda is unique to Naturevibe Botanicals.

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I t was Rishabh Chokhani's transformation from fat to fit, that he realized he wanted to motivate others too—to adopt a healthier lifestyle. "I was fascinated by Botanicals - the science of plants and after much research, decided to amalgamate it with Ayurveda. Being a unique concept, it appealed to the western world," shares Chokhani.

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The amalgamation of the science of plants – Botanicals with the concepts of Ayurveda is unique to Naturevibe Botanicals. "We believe that nature has a cure for all our ailments; therefore our research team extensively studies each plant for its exceptional benefits, which helps create quality products," adds Chokhani. The brand deals in healthy food and organic products that help people lead a cleaner and healthier lifestyle that is GMO and chemical-free. The products are sourced directly from organic farmers who use sustainable agricultural practices. The digital first brand sells its products on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and its own website across the US and India.

Talking about the challenges he is facing, Chokhani mentions, "I want to establish myself among the leading entrepreneurs of the world but the path is surely dotted with challenges and growth. The main issue faced at the time of building this business was the underdeveloped supply chain. Apart from this, there is a constant fear of yielding less organic produce due to primitive agricultural processes for preventing pest attacks. Another major challenge in procurement for organic farming comes at a higher price due to the labor costs and training required for farm maintenance."

However, overcoming the challenges to provide the best quality organic produce to the customers gives him a high. His major milestone was to expand the business beyond international borders.

The pandemic has taught people to take a break from their busy lives and make positive changes to their lifestyle. People turned to nature for a solution. This led to a great demand for organic, non-GMO products. However, due to global lockdown, the supply chain was tremendously affected. Naturevibe Botanicals, made sure to fulfill all orders internationally and within India on time. The company has already attained breakeven and made $24 million in sales in 2020. When asked on his next trigger for growth Chokhani concludes, "Witnessing a rise in demand for clean eating and organic food, we plan to expand to Australia and Europe after the US and India."