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Sonakshi Sinha : Was it 'Soezi' for 'Asli Sona' to become an entrepreneur? The chatter around her wedding date and guest list is still breaking the internet for Bollywoodactress Sonakshi Sinha since the time the news came out on her marriage with her rumouredboyfriend Zaheer Iqbal. But here we look at the real journey of the artist, from being one of thesuccessful actresses of Bollywood to entering the world of entrepreneurship and more.

By Arundhuti Banerjee

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Despite being the daughter of one of the highly successful movie stars of the Hindi film industry, Shatrughan Sinha, and launched by another superstar of Bollywood, Salman Khan, the journey of Sonakshi Sinha has been quite unique, with no smooth riding. She has always been brutally trolled by a section of the media and on the internet because of her plus-size appearance. Making her debut with the film Dabangg in 2010, which went on to become a commercial success, Sonakshi initially faced various criticisms that eventually changed as she continued to work on herself, especially her fitness. Thankfully, her acting skills have been widely appreciated by the fans. However, she did not limit herself to Bollywood; rather, she expanded her horizons from the Hindi to the regional film industry, stepping into the world of OTT series like Dahad and Heeramandi. Apart from that, she also freed herself financially by creating multiple avenues for income with her entrepreneurial ventures and investments.

While the world is still more interested in whether Shatrughan Sinha will attend the interfaith marriage of his only daughter Sonakshi with budding actor and businessman Zaheer Iqbal, which is reportedly taking place in Mumbai on June 23, here we look at the interesting business ventures of the Lootera actress.

Soezi: Being a Bollywood actress who has to look good all the time in public events, according to Sonakshi, sitting long hours on the hair and makeup chair was certainly not one of the processes that she enjoyed much. On top of that, investing time in nail art was oddly daunting for her. To find a creative solution to the situation, the actress, along with one of her friends and lawyer, Srishti Raai, started the whole new range of press-on nails with their own brand, Soezi. While the core intention of the brand is to make beauty, nail art, and glamour easily accessible to all the girls out there, they also kept the price point affordable for everyone. The company started with a dedicated e-commerce store in May 2022, followed by opening an offline store in Pune in March of this year. According to Sonakshi, the brand is doing really well also because, in the beauty business, there are not many players in press-in nails, so the space is still not that crowded. This was an advantage for SoEzi to grow faster.

Plus Gold: Plus Gold is a jewellery fintech investment app for gold, and Sonakshi is not only associated with the brand ambassador but also as one of the investors in the platform. The involvement of the actress added value to the brand. The founders of the brand, Raj Parakh and Veer Mishra, managed to secure an investment of Rs 60 lakh from Shark Tank India Season 3 this year. This year, on the occasion of Akshay Trithiya, Sonakshi came on board in the dual role.

House of Creativity: Being a fashion designer, Sonakshi often mentioned in various media interviews that she has a keen interest in painting, and exploring her artistic side on canvas with colours is surely one of her best ways to unwind herself. Keeping her passion for painting alive with the intention of helping other painters and artists, the actress, along with her two brothers, Luv and Kussh, started an entrepreneur venture called House of Creativity. It is an online platform that gives wings to all budding artists for exhibiting, selling, and experimenting with their various forms of art. Three of them started the venture in the middle of the pandemic in 2021, but with regular collaboration with various artists and art exhibitions, the platform has become quite popular among artists.

Arundhuti Banerjee

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