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With a vision of #OneTeamOneDream, Contentstack has its priorities sorted. Content, omnichannel experiences, personalization, and speed are keys to modern marketing

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Before Contentstack came to be a pioneer and a leader in the headless Content Management System (A CMS is a software that helps in creating, managing, modifying, and publishing digital content) space, Neha Sampat had already churned out two successful tech companies- Raw Engineering and Safe to say, she knew the tips and tricks of the startup ecosystem before establishing Contentstack in 2018.


With more than 20 years of expertise hailing from a non-technical background, Sampat is an advocate for women in tech, her own entrepreneurial journey and Contentstack's role in the future of technology. A few accords to her name include "50 Women in Tech Dominating Silicon Valley" in 2015, "San Francisco Business Times Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business" in 2017, and "San Francisco Business Times 40 under 40".

Talking about Contentstack, the recipient of Female Tech Trailblazer of the Year in 2020 shares "We created a CMS to enable innovative marketers and developers to challenge the status quo, unlock talent in their teams, and deliver bold, digital solutions - fast. Within a short time, we've become the content experience platform (CXP) category leader."

With a vision of #OneTeamOneDream, Contentstack has its priorities sorted. Content, omnichannel experiences, personalization, and speed are keys to modern marketing. It empowers marketers and developers to fulfill digital requirements at an unimaginable speed. While talking to Entrepreneur India, Sampat cites an example of one of its clients- Icelandair. The flag carrier airline of Iceland required publishing its content in 15 markets and in 12 languages. With Contentstack, they would simply submit their content for translation directly into CMS and publish its content in bulk across all languages at a 70x faster delivery rate.

If that isn't impressive enough, its products enables one to increase availability of IT resources by 40% annually. "We liberate talent to do what they do best – marketers can create and engage customers with those creations, and engineers can focus on innovation", Sampat adds.

On being asked about how Contentstack stays ahead and relevant in a rapidly-changing marketplace, we are given insight into their growth mantra. First, they put expectations in writing, secondly, they create a balance between customer and innovation, and lastly, an empowerment culture is encouraged across the organization.

According to Sampat, fear of change is the biggest challenge the company is facing. The enterprises are not happy with their legacy CMS software but the feeling of change is overwhelming for them, which does not let the companies make a transition. To deal with this issue, Contentstack emphasizes on product and customer care.

What is the path to profitability? Sampat believes that the process of building and scaling a tech business is hard. Rather, the focus should be on growing responsibly for a long run.

So, what does Contentstack's growth plan looks like? Simple, they want to be the first choice when enterprises wish to move from legacy to composable architecture. Once that is pulled off, Contentstack would be the one telling stories about the monumental bravery these change makers showed.


Year of inception: 2018

No. of employees: 400+ employees, across nearly all major continents.

External funding received so far: $169 million

Major clients: Chase, Holiday Inn, Levi's, Mattel, McDonald's, Mitsubishi, Shell and ASICS