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The Untold Story of the Visionary Behind CLAT's Rise in India When deciding on a career path, the majority of us consider becoming an engineer, a doctor, or a chartered accountant. But there's another choice that's just as good: becoming a lawyer.

By Rakesh Sharma

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Sagar Joshi, Lawyer

When deciding on a career path, the majority of us consider becoming an engineer, a doctor, or a chartered accountant. But there's another choice that's just as good: becoming a lawyer. Being a lawyer means you can help people in many ways and have a really important job. But, to increase the chances of being successful in this field, it is important to graduate from top law colleges like National Law Universities (NLUs).

Today, CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) exam opens the door to NLUs and India's top law schools. It is the top law entrance exam taken by lakhs of students every year. But these numbers were considerably low a decade ago.

Sagar Joshi, a lawyer himself, saw that not many students thought about becoming lawyers. In 2001, he laid the foundation of Law Prep Tutorial in Jodhpur to help students get ready for the top law schools. And over the years, Sagar has developed a reputation as the man who helped grow the CLAT industry in India. Through LPT, he made the first steps in showing that a career in law can be as rewarding as becoming an engineer, doctor, or CA.

In 2008, the CLAT was introduced as the centralized entrance exam to get into NLUs. Law Prep Tutorial was one of the first places to prepare for this exam. Sagar and his team made sure that their students got the best preparation.

This was the start of a journey that would not just change the lives of many students but also shape the future of law education in India.

Advocacy to Bridge Gaps in India's Law Entrance Prep

Sagar wanted to make sure that all students could dream of becoming lawyers. So, he worked hard to expand the reach of Law Prep Tutorial. Today, there are 25 centers all over India.

In 2013, he filed a PIL so that every CLAT student could get a carbon copy of their OMR sheet after the exam, and the answer key must be released within a few days of the exam. This was a big win because it helped students evaluate their performance before the official results were announced.

He didn't stop there. Sagar also fought for students in his town, Jodhpur (Rajasthan). He believed that domicile students should also have reserved seats at NLU Jodhpur. It took a long time, but he didn't give up. In 2023, he won this fight too.

Sagar is still fighting for one more thing. He wants NLU Delhi to use the same test (CLAT) for admission, the way all other NLUs do. He thinks this will make things simpler and fairer for everyone who wants to study law.

Having a Partner in Life and Mission

In this journey, Sagar wasn't alone. Anupama Joshi, not just his wife but a partner in every sense, joined him in this mission. Anupama, with her deep understanding of law from her undergraduate studies at Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) and master's in law from NLU Jodhpur, brought a new energy to the team. Together, they became a powerful duo, teaching and guiding students towards their dreams.

Anupama took on the role of teaching legal reasoning, a crucial part of law education. Her approach was not just about passing exams but empowering students to think like true lawyers.

Thousands of LPT students have walked through the doors of NLUs and top law schools. This is a big deal because it shows that with the right help, anyone can reach their dreams. Many of the students have gone on to do amazing things, like arguing big cases in High Courts and the Supreme Court, and working at the best law firms in the country.

The institute generates CLAT toppers every single year, with 5 times All India Rank 1 in the last 5 years. More than 1000 students of Law Prep Tutorial get into NLUs every year, with 1000+ selections in CLAT 2024 alone. This was a record and showed how hard Sagar and his team worked to help students succeed.

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