5 Traits a Budding Entrepreneur Must Possess

In this age of competition these qualities are a must in a person who wants growth and a successful venture

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In this fast-paced world where exists undying competition, the emergence of start-ups or entrepreneurship is definitely not a piece of cake. The business world and the markets are undoubtedly experiencing an upsurge in the knowledgeable and experienced experts who are looking out for opportunities to create their own name in the market.


So here is how, the last few years have seen an increase in the "Start-Up Trend' where everybody calls themselves to be an Entrepreneur, as they seize to be the minds behind their own origination of businesses. But, there are a few characteristics or traits that one must possess to be an Entrepreneur.

  • Discipline

For one to be successful, one of the most important parameters is to be self-disciplined and self-mastered. The entrepreneur must be single-minded and work relentlessly towards his/her business while being unmediated from the distractions around. The abstinence from social commotions and obligations also plays a major role in Self-discipline. Along with this, it is essential to be your own boss, a man of your own words and not be swayed by the decisions or opinions of others.

  • Risk Bearing Capacity

Risk is nothing but staking or risking something of value. It is usually the money invested in the business in return for the profits to be gained. Risks can easily be forecasted by the Entrepreneur but it is very important for the Entrepreneur to understand that profits are directly proportional to his/her risk-taking ability. The risks and returns, both are the rewards of the entrepreneur. Risks are the important part and parcel of Business and an important route to the path of aims and objectives of the entrepreneur.

  • Passion

Passion is the intensified enthusiasm, inclination and the willingness of the Entrepreneur towards the success and excess profits of the company. Passion emerges from the processor the task which interests a person or an activity that the person likely to enjoy. Therefore, an entrepreneur is driven by his or her passion towards the creation. The relentless efforts, extra hard work and the dedication are what it takes to achieve victory. Their passion also makes them surpass all the hurdles and obstacles that come along their ways.

  • An Artistic Blend of Mind

The word Artistic signifies that an Entrepreneur must be creative, innovative and must have novel ideas which shall differentiate him/ her from the competitors or several players in the market. The entrepreneur must be artistic in the sense that he or she must be able to create something ground-breaking and advanced that he or she can easily attach value to it and alongside ensure that it will be largely accepted and adored by the consumers.

  • Flexible to Changes

To be an Entrepreneur in a country like India, where demonetization took place overnight, it is very important to be adaptive to changes around. Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Legal changes have a deep impact on business, therefore, it is crucial that the entrepreneur acclimates to the changes in the environment and surroundings readily.