Gaurav Mehta and the Story Behind Coin Watch

Jaipur Watch Company now manufactures its own cases, dials and crowns

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By Punita Sabharwal

Entrepreneur India

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Gaurav's fascination for watches began at a very young age. The first watch he owned was an HMT, a gift from his father at the age of 12. The childlike enchantment with the watch made him open up the machinery and reassemble it, which soon turned into a hobby. He started doing this with all his watches.

One day, during the routine of assembling and reassembling his watch, he saw a couple of ancient coins next to him. Something clicked and he decided to modify his watch with a coin in the dial. He received phenomenal attention from his friends. That led to the start of Jaipur Watch Company and the unique concept of coin watches. The company has so far served 1500 clients. Last year, it become a full grown manufacturer from an importer. It now manufactures its own cases, dials and crowns.

On remaining a bootstrapped venture, Mehta, says, "When I started Jaipur Watch Company, my initial three capital sources were money that I got after selling my car and existing business (a family entertainment centre), and loan from friends. Raising funds is a lucrative proposition but being a creative company, I feel we will try to remain bootstrapped for as long as I can."

Punita Sabharwal

Deputy Editor, Entrepreneur India Magazine

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