How Appreciating Employees is Connected with Burgeoning Businesses These three points show how appreciating employees can improve company culture and help a business grow

By Kamalika De

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Not acknowledging hard work of employees often happens in many companies these days. How does an employee feel about it, have you ever given it a thought? Well, of course, it's not a good feeling. If you are the owner of a business, let me tell you that a little appreciation goes a long way! So don't forget to recognize and appreciate your employees as it is important for your business and can help your business grow. Here are three points to show how appreciating employees is connected with burgeoning business and how it can help in the growth of your business:

Boosts Productivity

According to a report published by Forbes, employees who receive appreciation are 52% more productive compared to the employees who do not. If you recognize and appreciate your employees, it will lead to a higher level of motivation, they will feel more valued and focused. Employee drive, productivity and motivation will increase to a great extent if you make employee appreciation a priority.

Spencer Johnson, M.D. in his book 'The One Minute Manager', states 'The Best Minute I Spend Is The One I Invest In People'. That is such a wonderful thought! Amit Kapoor, Associate Director at Cigniti Technologies, also agrees to this. He added, "Employees give their best to the organization – if the organizations also reciprocate by taking time out and appreciating them for their hard work, it would be highly beneficial for the organization".

Increases Employee Happiness & Satisfaction

Whether it's awards, recognition or prizes, appreciating your employees will make them happy and content at work. People crave for recognition as it makes them feel appreciated and important. Now, who doesn't love to feel valued? We all love! Happy employees will lead to less absence in the office as your employees will be looking forward to reporting to the office. They will always be ready to go that extra mile for the company and help it achieve its goals.

"Appreciating employees makes them happy and leads to improved productivity, which helps meet the organizational goals. This also improves the morale of employees across the organization, and makes them want to stay longer, thereby resulting in a favourable brand building for the organization, paving the way for more suitable candidates", Amit opined.

Improves Company Culture

Company culture can be regarded as one of the key parts of engaging, attracting and ultimately retaining employees. An ideal culture makes the employees more committed to a company and reminds them their worth as individuals. If you create a culture of consistent appreciation and recognition among the peers and managers, you will, in turn, make your office surrounded by an environment that is impossible for the employees to leave.

Above all, to reap the benefits from employee appreciation program, you should show your gratitude to your employees at the right moment. Aptly said by Amit, "Just as they say that Justice delayed is justice denied, the same is applicable for appreciation. If it is not given at the moment an employee is expecting it, the whole purpose of appreciation is lost, and may lead to disgruntled, dissatisfied employees."

Appreciating your employees is like an investment. Spend money on employee rewards programs or employee appreciation gifts. While it's true that these things cost money, it is actually a small price that you are paying for what you will get in return. Running a business is not only about earning money, but also creating an environment where accomplishments and successes are recognized and people feel valued.

Kamalika De

Freelancer, Entrepreneur India

An independent writer and journalist, Kamalika De regularly contributes to various leading online platforms. She has founded DoQuickly to offer simple hacks to do things quickly.

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