Why is it Important Not to Be in Isolation in Small Business? You don't even realize when the isolation plunges you into a deep darkness where there is no one to correct you, oppose your quirky decisions and suggest better changes

By Sania Gupta

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You have a small venture or you love to work from home. You are the manager, you are the employee and you love working as per your own dictates. No bosses, no traffic, no time wasted during commutation and you work in sync with your own time zones. Sounds cool, doesn't it?

But there are inherent cons attached to this style of working. You are likely to be a host to depression and stagnancy with respect to your work. There will be no influx of ideas and your growth will come to a halt. This redundancy will highlight and exaggerate inefficiency and productivity will be impaired beyond repair.

You will not even realize when the isolation plunges you into a deeper darkness where there is no one to correct you, oppose your quirky decisions and suggest better changes. All this will slowly deteriorate the venture and the feeling of complacency will soon be replaced with solitude and loneliness. It is advisable to browse and implement these tip-offs to avoid being in seclusion.

1. Build a Network

With globalization and digitization, it is much easier and feasible to build a network of friends, advisors and mentors across the globe. Look for people who can be a team to you. Seeking financial and managerial advice isn't bad as it opens your mind to new problem-solving techniques.

Perminder Singh Malik, CEO of Rapid Skillz, reinforces, "You can achieve manifold success when you work as a team. Working alone might leave you radar less without vision. It is essential to be in touch with advisors and mentors if you wish to expand and climb the ladder."

2. Social Media

The world of social media opens up new links and new contacts which bring in fresh air to your status quo thought process. New avenues which could not have been imagined are commercializing, all thanks to social media. "LinkedIn has made my start-up help carve a niche and all the intellectuals who I am in touch with help me frame my charter and future course of action," exemplifies Arpit Jain, CEO of Promatics Information Technology. Now with the boom in social media, meeting clients online and pitching ideas to prospective clients sitting at home has become easier relatively.

3. Social Events and Groups

It would be a great idea if you attend business seminars and conferences. Not only will these help in escalating knowledge, but these can also be perfect for launching new products, advertising and meeting prospective clients. Sachin Jain, Director at Girnar Global Study Abroad Consultants highlights, "Joining various educational forums and portals has enhanced my knowledge bank and acted as a platform for showcasing the burgeoning name of Girnar Global." He takes pride that the name has become renowned with active social participation.

There are numerous business organizations and groups, which are a platform for discussing the latest developments as well as emancipate the welfare of the sector. "It is imperative that you join the forums relevant to your business to be hands down aware of the latest developments and not be a frog in the well," adds Sachin.

4. A Breath of Fresh Air

Chill out with a friend or confidante over a cup of coffee outside the domains of your office walls. Infuse in your think-tank a positive breather which will stimulate new ideas and fire you with enthusiasm. "Meeting my confidantes alleviates me of stress and rejuvenates me to start afresh for the next day's tasks. Having an animated mind is like a therapy. Ideas and creativity exude like never before when my mind is revitalized," affirms Vasudha Gupta, MD of Armofs Clothing Brand. "Even business meetings over lunches and coffees yield better results and enhanced productivity," adds Arpit Jain.

So be it- Let your leadership skills honed by joining an activity that exhilarates you. Don't be doomed to be confined within the four walls of the office in isolation. Reach out to people who can bring out the best in you and build a team. Abandon isolation for your welfare as well as grooming and for the growth of your business.
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Sania Gupta is also Founder and CEO, Digital Kangaroos, an author, entrepreneur, marketer and blogger. And as a career coach at My Study Destination, she has helped thousands of students realize their dreams.

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