5 Must have Skills For Entrepreneurs To Ensure Success of Their Startup Having a startup is not really an achievement, making it successful is what will make people look at you as an achiever.

By Amit Punjabi

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I know first hand about what it is to have a vision for the future while you are only 20. After all that is exactly how old I was when I started Sankalp Academy. There is indeed no better time than your early 20's to put your courage and attitude to test and what better way to test it than running a startup with a dream of making it a huge gigantic success.

You will learn this as you continue your journey, that the older you are the harder it become to take a plunge and start up.

Because the older you get, the more commitments you have to fulfill and your ability to take risks will reduce. So if you are just 20 and you have decided to take the risk and put your courage and attitude to the test by leading your own venture, then be glad that you did and learn how to make it a success.

Here are 5 skills you must develop to lead your startup towards success

Ability to learn

It is very easy to say that you will learn but you will soon realize that learning requires the right attitude and willingness. Your willingness to learn and grow will generate a lot of learning for various sources for you to make your startup a success. You will need to know that having a startup is not really an achievement, making it successful is what will make people look at you as an achiever.

So don't go around networking to crack deals initially. Network to learn. Meet people and ask them for tips and strategies on how to make what you do even better.

Create opportunities

One of the things that slow down your growth or rather even stop it is waiting for the right opportunity. You need to realize that not all opportunities will always be available always, you will need to be skilled to create it for yourself. One of the 1st steps that you need to take as a CEO of your startup is to get mentored. A mentor will be able to push you in developing the skills and attitude to create opportunities for yourself and the startup rather than wait for it.

Making Plans

When it comes to success, it has always got to be planned. Another very important thing that you will realize in your journey is that any success that was not planned will soon be gone. I have come across people who had an overnight success that made them really rich but they lost is all in no time because of not knowing how to manage or handle the success. Even success needs preparation, in other words, it needs a plan. Think of the success you really want and make plans for achieving them.


The difference between a person who wants to be successful and who is successful is execution. The one who is successful is there because he/she executed. Having or making a plan is extremely important but it will have no value until you executed them.

I have come across several people who registered for events just to network and increase their list of contacts but they never really got in touch with the people on their list. What use is a list if you have not even connected with the people in it? Growth requires execution, so if your aim is to grow then you must do what is required for it.

Add value

In your journey to succeed, you will soon know that success is possible only when you are able to generate enough support from people around you and the best way to generate support is to add value. And know that you providing them with your service is not the only way you can add value. You will need to make it a habit to add value to people in the simplest way possible.

If you meet someone who can be connected to someone you already know, then make sure you connect them. If you came across a post, blog or article that you think would add value to someone you met at a networking event, then share it with them. People will know that what you do is valuable when you add enough value to them.

Starting a venture and leading it is a great opportunity, how you use this opportunity is what will define your success.

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Amit Punjabi

Business Coach & Founder, Sankalp Academy

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