5 Reasons To Invest In Self-Improvement And Skill Development For Entrepreneurial Success

According to Jonathan Gerow, exchange of knowledge promotes growth and change, which are pivotal to operating in demanding environments

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Gerow and Roberto
Gerow and Roberto

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Entrepreneurial success relies on many factors. The best realize that while one is bound to face unexpected challenges, most factors are actually in control. Leadership is about forward-thinking. It's about taking action, and the majority of successful entrepreneurs will tell you self-improvement and skill development are essential to building strong companies and notable careers. This exchange of knowledge promotes growth and change, which are pivotal to operating in demanding environments.

Curious about how entrepreneurs approach self-improvement, we spoke with Jonathan Gerow, founder of Gerow Hair Ink, and his business partner Erik Roberto. Gerow Hair Ink is a company that offers scalp micropigmentation (SMP) services. Gerow decided that he needed to master the art of SMP and learn from professionals. He underwent training for SMP in Birmingham, England, from none other than the inventors of the SMP technique and further enhanced it.

A tattoo artist who followed a dream, Gerow credits his approach towards investing in himself as the catalyst for his admirable career. "No one was doing SMP on that kind of level here, and curiosity drove me to discover incredibly valuable techniques and procedures," describes Gerow. Whether it's SMP or something else, there is always more to discover, and his approach is what makes him and all other accomplished entrepreneurs very similar.

Gerow and Roberto believe that at the core of every entrepreneur is the motivation to improve. They shared five reasons why entrepreneurs should invest in self-improvement and development.

Ignites growth

Growth only happens if you pursue it. "When you go out and learn new skills and new ideas, it allows you to level up. Growth happens when we can look at ourselves and understand that we may not know everything. That is how we become better people, better employees, and better leaders," states Gerow. In my personal experience, we must approach learning as if it is a ladder; understanding that everything we can discover is just one step further towards the top.

Refines your skills

We have to understand that no matter how talented we are, we are always learning. "Hard work beats talent any day simply because it opens your eyes to new and better ways of doing things you may not have noticed," states Roberto. Continuing education and career development are on the rise, which is something to be considered in our rapidly changing world. The skills you learned yesterday might not be applicable today.

Strengthens your team

"People want to know that their boss is a knowledgeable leader. If you want to be respected, show them you are ready to learn and then always share that knowledge," explained Gerow. What it means is that when appropriately promoted, knowledge spreads like wildfire. "We all have the ability to teach each other and foster that growth in our teams. When someone learns a new skill or technique, have them replicate it with their reports," added Roberto.

Helps scale your business

When you know better, you do better, and you can offer more. Roberto explains, "Learning something new and developing yourself builds a stronger foundation for your company. If you want to broaden your reach and increase your sales or services, you have to develop that from within." It's evident that you cannot provide something you do not know or understand. That is why being an expert is so valuable.

Prioritizes a strong culture

"Developing your skills and taking self-improvement seriously sets the tone for your organization. If you want to foster a positive, goal-oriented culture, then you have to set the example," elaborates Gerow. An environment that is continually evolving is driven by those who are always learning, which is the basis for a strong company culture.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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