5 Reasons Why Its Important To Have A Good Workplace

The workplace is built with time, space, interpersonal relationships and methodology. This is why its value is beyond just four walls.

By Kavya Pillai

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a workplace is defined as 'a place where people do their jobs'. A good workplace however can be understood by asking what kind of a place people do their jobs at. Also, a good workplace is one where employees aim for success, growth and innovation, with a mindset to improve and achieve goals. So how does one create such a 'vibe' and what is its impact?

The workplace is built with time, space, interpersonal relationships and methodology. This is why its value is beyond just four walls. The pandemic made many realize how balanced our life was when we would return home after work and without much effort leave work at the door. When we were all forced to work from home it often felt as if we never clocked out. So why is this workplace important?

Boost Productivity

To know more we reached out to Rohit Karnik (Director- Admin and Infra at People Interactive) who said "you are spending 8-10 hours, even in a work from home setting you need a change of view, even a room at the best five star hotel gets mundane after a while". Karnik shared how recreational activities such as foosball, carrom or even a punching bag elevate the energy at the workplace and said, "Recreational activities are the headway to ice-breaking". A space to relieve stress by changing focus, adds to the office culture and avoids burnout.

Growth Mindset

'Growth Mindset' at first sounds like another corporate jargon but once understood can be the key to creating a good employee mindset. We often believe our abilities depend on whether we are naturally good at something or not. This type of thinking is a fixed mindset. What employees should adopt is knowing that talent only takes you so far, experience and practice bring you to the finish line. This mindset makes your employees more open to feedback, confident in trying different things and skilled at tackling tough decisions.

Honest Communication

Should all offices break down their walls and work around one large oval desk to succeed? What is important is understanding your company and building a place that reflects your working style. Anil Jain (Founder & MD at Gangwal Healthcare) said, "Working in an open layout office is great but at times my personal targets were difficult to achieve as the chain of communication was skipped and everyone would ask me for clarifications often which became a problem, so I shifted back into a cabin and instilled that the chain of communication be followed where I can be easily available without it compromising my productivity."

Increases Collaborations

A good workplace encourages an easy flow of communications that lets employees reach out with suggestions to other departments to achieve one end goal. With a sense of community in the team, there is a good amount of interdependence. An effective team only thrives on the other's successes. In the long-run, cooperation, communication and trust ensure success.

Compassionate co-workers

Frequently when a team performs poorly several hands are pointed at those who are to be blamed and this demotivates employees. This also adds to thoughts of resentment and changes the mindset of employees to that of quite-quitting. With a solid and healthy bond between employees in different teams not only does the work become smoother but the aftermath of errors is easier to overcome. Instead of beginning a blame game, employees track down the mistakes and instantly work to improve upon them. This saves time and creates a healthier environment where people take ownership and lead in tasks.

On the bottom line, a good workplace is the essence of a successful company. One needs to think about retaining their employees after hiking the best talent. Karnik added on a final note, "If you believe in transparency, a good workplace is the best."

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