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Looking For a Career in Creativity? These #3 Experts will Help You A designer must be prompt in finding relevant solutions

By Baishali Mukherjee

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The demand for creative products now estimated at $US400 billion annually, is growing fast thus generating enormous entrepreneurial opportunities, globally. It also has established itself as resilient in recession and shows the potential to grow radically in the next decade. India, a country with 5,000 years of artisanal heritage and 40 million people working in the creative field of business, can be a significant participant in this burgeoning market. However, to make it big in the creative industry is as tough as in any other sector. So, how can you be a thriving player in this space?

Here are 6 golden rules for aspirants wanting to break into the creative industries-

Nandita Abraham, CEO, Pearl Academy, feels creativity is all about the ability to identify solutions in new ways, to find unseen designs, to make connections between seemingly distinct phenomena, and to create solutions.

Explore the Infinite Limits of the Creative World

"The innovative process behind a concept or design is an exciting challenge, which allows one's imagination to explore the infinite limits of creativity. Giving life to a mere thought in one's mind and implementing it in real-time despite the pressure of deadlines is an exhilarating experience, which designers can relate to," she opined.

Be Aware of the Challenges

Like any other field, the creative industry operates in a very competitive environment. A lot of work done by designers is project-based and deadline-driven. So timelines are often tight. Designers must be aware about the challenging situations that lie ahead. Hence, a designer must be prompt in finding relevant solutions.

Develop a Broader Perspective

Creativity also requires experience and learning from varied domains to develop a broader perspective. It is important, therefore, to be able to find inspiration everywhere, to keep an open mind and always strive for excellence in one's work.

This, according to Abraham, requires training the mind to look at problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions, even if they seem unsettling at first. "Often, creativity in this sense involves what is called lateral thinking, or the ability to perceive patterns that are not obvious," she divulged.

Shona is an entrepreneur running a beauty clinic, make-up studio and a fashion academy for the past 20 years. While life coaches asks for finding your calling or passion or purpose, this small town entrepreneur is more focused on being a life-long learner and is less worried about speculating on his life purpose.

Treat Your Career as a Lifelong Experience

In our worry to find the right answers, we often fail to ask the right questions. It is imperative to try new things, experiment our assumptions, find out what works for us, and find out what doesn't. "Not everybody has a calling or purpose. Most do not have it all figured out. There is never a single answer or option. Our purpose in life evolves constantly as we learn new stuff, visit new terrains, make new friends, and grow old. What was important for you one year ago may no longer be of relevance few years later," reflected Shona.

Be a Learner

Before embarking on your journey in the creative domain, try gleaning as much knowledge as possible. The skills you learn at the institutions will put you in good stead while applying your creative skills in the work place.

"It's the kind of package skills that works in the creative domain. Build a portfolio for yourself

And start networking to make gainful contacts. You could also try highlighting some key areas of your work that you are proud of and want to stand out. Networking is a great way to meet like-minded creative individuals and share ideas," he suggested.

Vibha Nidhi Chawla, a Hair Stylist for last 10 years has mastered a wide range of hair techniques. She feels that the passion for creativity is the fundamental requirement for anyone with interest in making meaningful interventions in the field of hair care and beauty. She believes in giving not just a world-class beauty experience, attention to detail and individual care for each of customer, consistent service are for her the key to sustain the brand one creates through entrepreneurial initiatives.

Strive to Achieve Excellence

"Entrepreneurs in creative domain must strive continually to achieve excellence in the field that they pursue, keep on upgrading themselves with the latest trends and also learn from mistakes and failures," counselled Chawla, who has done make up for Bollywood celebrities, including Malika Sherawat, Ada khan and Tusshar kapoor.

Experience Arms you with Insights

A period of working experience helps build on your skills which will be needed in your entrepreneurial journey. Being in a "real world' setting will arm you with the essential insights. It demonstrates your readiness to learn and your eagerness to strengthen your industry skills and knowledge. Lastly, stay proactive and constantly look out for newer opportunities," she concluded.

Baishali Mukherjee

Former Freelancer

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