#6 Ways to Keep the Competition Healthy at Workplace

Blame games and fault finding happen when people do not communicate with each other well

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When things get competitive, people often resort to activities that they should not do. In an office where we work in team to achieve a common goal and individual targets, keep the following things in mind before you end up doing "anything' to win

  1. A team is one single entity, if left hand starts hitting right hand, how will be able to work efficiently? Similarly, to reach your destination both the legs should move in one direction so both of them reach their destination.
  2. Blame games and fault finding happen when people do not communicate with each other well. Find out what caused this behaviour and resolve interpersonal issues. Once resolved, friction will pave way to smooth & efficient working environment.
  3. We get annoyed at people all the time. But do we need to share it all the time? A person who shares his annoyance or irritation and does not know how to control his temper is rarely liked in an organization. So keeping a check on emotions to diffuse a potentially volatile situation, otherwise frequent visits or grievance mails to HR will not work in your favour.
  4. There are employees who will do anything to get in the good books of the boss. Refrain from talking against colleagues to come in the good books of the boss. Pleasing the boss is a good thing, but pulling others down is not. It eventually backfires. Instead, try to figure out what your boss needs or wants, try deliver it and you can make your impression with the boss, once this put into continuous practice it can work in your favour without you doing anything negative.
  5. Talking and behaving petty is not appreciated by anyone. Sharing everything about each and every discussion with your colleagues to your boss isn't valued; it will alienate you in your own team and will create trust issues with your colleagues. This may help in short run but in the longer run or by the end of the month when targets are to be evaluated then it may not work in one's favour. So instead of being petty one should focus on goal.
  6. If you are a jealous person, you will not go too far in the corporate world. A secure employee is sought after because he brings out the best in other people! Jealousy and envy can only ruin relationships. There is no requirement of negativity in any working setup as it compromises the working culture and sabotage the whole development process.

It is important to understand that no two people are same, everyone has their own personality. But we can all strive to be good human beings. Develop samskara and see that no effort needs to be made to become pleasant.

Remember that you cannot "act" being pleasant or likeable. It has to come from within you. You have to change your attitude from inside out. When the change it inside-out rather than just changing behaviour, the impact will be far greater and much appreciated.