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#7 Reasons why Online Jewelry Business is a Boon to Entrepreneurs Fancy showrooms have transformed into exhilarating websites and social media pages

By Raj Khatri

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Jewelry plays an integral part of a woman's wardrobe. Almost every woman no matter what her style statement is sure enjoys accessorizing. The popularity and growth of fashion accessories industry with the advent of the internet have played a vital role in creating an extensive environment for the online jewelry business.

Entrepreneurs in the jewelry world are now not limited because of sources or acceptance of different designs and patterns. The continuously evolving global fashion and growing awareness of it in customers have given liberty to young enthusiasts with innovative ideas to experiment the accessory market fearlessly.

The fancy showrooms have transformed into exhilarating websites and social media pages. The visit to the store has given way to home deliveries. The heavy shopping bags are converted into hefty shopping carts. The limitation of demographic influence on the jewelry designs is redefined by global trends and fashion and will continue to do so for the future to come.

Here are few reasons that can be credited to current evolution of online jewelry business:

1. Save investment on lavish showrooms

The gates of a virtual retail store are open day and night with no investment unlike required in maintaining a secure showroom in this business. The entrepreneurs who dreamed of selling curated styles of jewelry at pocket-friendly prices benefited the most in this. This also gave the advantage to the customer to access the whole collection with the ease of a click through mobile or desktop anytime feasible unlike visiting the store where probably the availability of every product is not always certain.

2. Extravagant Demographic Reach

In today's world, a reach to all generations across all boundaries at a prime speed can be achieved by nothing but the dominant Internet. The internet made a brand omnipresent, which was limited in the store culture. It opened gates to the global customer than being limited to the areas where one could advertise and mark presence. Previously it was really hard to establish a brand's presence but the online business gateway opened an incredible scope for this.

3. Visual Display of Products

For marketing, visual aid stands out the best and social media handles serve prominently for exhibiting the same. All the products can be easily displayed with pictures of various angles and ways in websites as well as social media accounts. This gives the customer a chance to understand the appearance of the chosen accessory from various aspects before investing in it. Brands also have the opportunity to showcase the exact essence of a product by posting pictures styled in appropriate attires and occasions.

4. Target Desired Customers

In the old school ways, the toughest part was to reach to the right customer. This is easier with social media advertising where you can target the right oriented audience without spending a great deal of amount on the known old branding platforms. Customers with varied taste who had to travel to places to buy a certain kind of product can now easily afford it from the luxury of home crediting the online business availability. Various indigenous designs and styles found its recognition due to the extensive reach received through social media that wasn't possible in the traditional ways.

5. Closer Customer Bond

The internet gives a major opportunity to maintain customer base through nothing but an account. One can communicate personally with customers for their expectations or problem faced for improvement. It also gives the advantage to continuously update the prominent customers with new products thereby increasing visibility and securing their trust for life.

6. Affordable Promotion and Branding

The brands opt to advertise through networking than the traditional marketing ways. Collaborating with peer accounts that have the kind of target audience required by the brand can make a huge difference. Social media Influencers who have huge following also serve as one of the media for rightful branding. This costs fraction compared to the investment required in TV and other traditional ways of promotion.

7. Customer Awareness of Fashion and Global Trends

The core reason of the dynamic growth in the online sector can be immensely credited to the change in customer awareness and behavior which again got possible because of internet that made everything happening in the world available in one's hand. There has been a gradual change from customers buying accessories occasionally to incorporating it in daily attires. Initially, it was meant to be a status symbol on traditional occasions but now the urge to make a fashion statement almost every day has given a boost to this market. Most want to invest in wearable jewelry that doesn't require much of care in handling and storing. This perspective and options of paying for the product at your home with valid return policies have built high grade of trust on online business among customers.

Customers are gradually building awareness on season's trends and are wisely investing on their fashion desires. Most customers want to have quality products while looking for greater value for their money; this is where online stores serve the best purpose.

Accessories perfectly amp up any ensemble and adds to the style statement of the woman adorning it. Those who understood this and the huge fashion accessory market found a way to trap it via the internet which turned out to be a boon for most. The never ending love for jewelry in customers will continue to play a substantial role in the future of online stores.

Raj Khatri

Managing Director at Om Reels Bioscope Pvt Ltd

He is a New York Film Academy and NIFT alumnus and is extremely passionate about cinema and art. His creative vision formulated Om Reels Bioscope Pvt Ltd., a company dedicated to the world of media and entertainment. He had stints at Yash Raj Films, Vashu Bhagnani’s Puja Films and a host of TV and cinema. He is instrumental in all activities of the company, from the inception of any idea to its complete fulfilment. His creative integrity and strong financial and business acumen have led the company with successful associations, one being The Bling Stores.
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