An Entrepreneur In The Lifestyle Space? These 5 Things You Must Have !

Having a good plan and a goal to achieve is not the only thing needed!

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By Gouri Kapur • Jul 18, 2016


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To become a successful entrepreneur in the lifestyle sector, its important to be creative and focus on things which are unique in nature. As an entreprenuer in the lifestyle space, do things which are untried and untested. Normal entrepreneurs do what has been done by everybody else and you will be only as good as they are. It's important to be creative and focus on things which are unique in nature. To learn from the mistakes and gain experience out of it, is what makes it unique/ special. Most people are scared of taking risks but want everything to be perfect, learning from these risks makes your journey worthwhile and pushes you forward to grasp the opportunity . Keep going up the learning curve, focus on your goals, think invent & recreate. Learn from your experiences. You should know when to let go. Learn from your what you loose in life. Push forward to become a successful entrepreneur. There is no shortcut in creativity, no winning formula, Change is what is constant in life and change is what keeps creative people alive.

The 5 things an entrepreneur must have

1. A plan :

Planning is imperative when you are an entrepreneur. Gear up for challenges, be prepared to handle crisis. Time management is key. A plan that is cost effective and gives you a good return of investment. Eg- what is time management for you, if there are 5 people and everyone is important,and somebody is late as invariably it happens. what would you do with your creativity when you have no time. Experience plays a huge role in time management, rather take less work that you can handle than do a shabby job.

Lot of people take a lot of work without experience so when they are crunched on time and mess up. Only if you are good can you manage time and work towards your plan everything will fall together or fall apart depending on management or plan first hone your skills only then your plan will be successful. I know so many artists who train and think they have achieved it all. Rush into training multitasking, taking up more work then they can handle and then cancelling when they cant handle it which eventually is a short lived formula for success.

2. Where do we want to be:

Having a good plan and a goal to achieve is not the only thing needed. It is the persistence that matters. We all want to be the next best thing that happened to the world. But as I mentioned there are no shortcuts , no formulas but combining everything systematically and evaluating your own worth eventually by pushing ourselves to be better each minute, each day is what works towards where we want to be. Doing something everyday towards our target is the key to success, ofcourse our targets keep changing and getting bigger once we achieve our first target but to get there persistance, patience and change is imperative. Knowing you were better then yesterday is when you know you are on the right path.

3. Different approaches to get there :

Experimentation, innovation & recreation are the major factors that contribute to becoming a successful entrepreneur. We all make mistakes and learn from them but there is no shortcut in any path you take. Some are probably more blessed than the others but every entrepreneur will go through the basics of making mistakes, discovering, innovating, learning and growing. As in a creative field we can have a lot of publicity a lot of chances coming our way but our work seen is what our path to the next step is. If you are not good which is shown instantly in our case no fool is going to invest in you so whichever approach you take your work is your certificate to the next level. As mentioned earlier work towards perfection first which involve innovation and experimentation alongside and move up the ladder knowingly with whichever approach that works for you.

4. Be flexible and re evaluate :

An entrepreneur should be open to learning new techniques and be willing to utilize new technologies. Communication is another factor that could help in cultivating loyalty among the consumers. In any field things dont go the way we have exactly planned or evaluated. We need to adapt, change course of action and revaluate. There are times our re evaluated plans work better than the original. Experience helps us re evaluating for the betterment of our path towards our goal. Mistakes are a part of everyones growth its how seriously you take them and try to better yourself.

5. Leave room for creativity:

You base your plan on your knowledge or intuition as it worked my case, you do something everyday to reach your goal. Once you have all the information to execute it you need action . A lot of people have plans, but get nowhere. Little actions take you to the bigger picture. When you perform the actions, that becomes the experience which inturn becomes your learning. Doing the untried the untested is what make you an example, motivates people and sets a trend. So do the undoable, think the unthinkable, only then will your creativity set you apart. its not what you do but how you do it.

Gouri Kapur

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder of Gouri Kapur Academy

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