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Building a Technology Company Can Be Tough. Here Is the Recipe 'The Zero Hiccup way to Building a Technology Company' lays a blueprint for building a technology company

By Deep Baliyan

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Did you have a light bulb moment? An idea sparks? Wish to start your dream business? Or your digital transformation strategy is on your mind? Then you are reading the right bit of life-changing content!

Everyone wants to do it the right way, but a product development journey is often complex and mired with unforeseen complications.

Building on more than 300 successful product launches, thousands of conversations and 12 years of collaboration with founders and product owners, Ayush Jain has mastered the art of software development compiled in his book as a treasure trove of knowledge for start-up companies.

'The Zero Hiccup way to Building a Technology Company' lays a blueprint for building a technology company. The crux is simple: Anyone can succeed in building a technology company if one follows the right methodology and uses the right tools.

Answering common confounding questions, the book is available on Amazon worldwide in print and Kindle format as well as on other marketplaces like Flipkart and NotionPress. With humour and grace, the book leads the reader through the crucial initial stages of building their dream company. The book also outlines a path for project managers and product owners to set up the right processes and measure that matters.

Once you have finished the book, you will have a solid understanding of how to manage product development using developers and teams. You will know how to get the best out of your team and keep your journey predictable. By having the knowledge you will mitigate your risk and make better decisions.

Some of the key questions that the book answers are about how to launch a tech startup without knowing how to code- Right from the basics of technology to becoming an effective tech leader manager using tools and processes. Different ways to build a Start-up -Should you code yourself? Get a CTO? Or hire a freelancer? Hire a Software development agency or do it in-house? Top reasons why start-ups fail? Understanding the various stages of the journey of a technology product. What is a prototype/MVP? What is the difference? The foolproof way to define project scope. Product development lifecycle, defining the boundaries of the project, making the stakeholders understand and setting the right expectations etc. Anatomy of Perfect Software Delivery, Maintaining the perfect balance between Quality, Speed & Cost- what derails software delivery? How to cope with delayed deliveries and so on.

Ayush Jain is the CEO and co-founder of Mindbowser, an award-winning product engineering and digital transformation services provider. The company helps build software products and launch them. Ayush has been involved in strategizing solutions for multiple industries as an architect and consultant. He specializes in building simple solutions for complex problems.

Apart from gifting every entrepreneur the book, Ayush also lends his knowledge in various other compelling ways:

As a consultant who has worked with major notable brands like India Today, Dell, Adobe and many more… Ayush can help you build your product with the right development practices and a predictable process with a zero-headache approach.

As a speaker who will be delighted to speak at your conference about his strategies for product development, the process makes your product journey predictable and transparent, helping you get the best out of your team.

As a writer, he writes opinion articles and guest columns and lends his erudite thoughts to Start-ups and products.

Mark Lazarus, DSP at Yale University, validates Ayush's work and says, "I've worked with Ayush for almost three years. At that time, I found him to be responsive, caring, and very professional. In any project he works on, he always puts a hundred percent into it. It's an honour and pleasure to work with him." [1]

So, if you are a CXO, product founder, product manager, or entrepreneur … you found your book and person here!
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