Commercial Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2020 Companies are becoming more intricate in their operations and functions nowadays, and they need their office structures to be a reflection of the same

By Sammeer Pavasa

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Designing commercial spaces is no longer an easy task. As a major part of the populace spends close to a third of their day in offices, it has become extremely crucial for modern and evolving companies to develop spaces that can reflect better on both, the performance as well as the personal health of their employees. These companies are becoming more intricate in their operations and functions nowadays, and they need their office structures to be a reflection of the same. As a result, workplace designers need to anticipate the always-evolving need of offices while building a space that nurtures creativity and innovation.

Some of the commercial design trends that are all set to disrupt the industry in 2020 are as follows:

Smart Offices

A smart workplace is one that enables use of technology to connect and engage employees with their work environment. Adoption of the rapidly developing technological practices enables people to work better, faster and, of course, smarter. Beacons, sensors and mobile apps help employees perform menial tasks better and faster, so they have enough time to focus on growing businesses and innovation. With use of these technologies, employees can use innovative technology solutions that simplify complex tasks. These tasks can be executed within a short time thus allowing them to get more meaningful work done.


Sustainable design is the assimilation of recycled, sustainably sourced and green building materials into a space. This design concept puts an emphasis on technology-driven energy efficiency, environmental conservation and ecological compliance in order to establish a more balanced relationship between nature and the space. This design works to bring out the concept of environmental wellness that encourages a healthier, more sustainable way of working and living.

Biophilic Design

This is a design trend that is related to sustainability, and works on bringing inspiration from nature into the workplace, thereby creating a happier and healthier environment. This concept seeks to fulfil the intrinsic need for interaction with nature that humans have. Plants have a positive psychological effect and they introduce more oxygen into the confined office setting. Bringing nature into the office not only shows that the company cares about the environment, but that they want to promote positivity in their own office space. Plants also bring in a vibrant touch of colour in a singular way to the workplace.

Dynamic Spaces

Adaptability has been a quality highly encouraged by companies within their workforce for a long time. This revered quality is now being put into practice in order to make better workplaces. The principle of dynamic working is to focus on the output and key deliverables of an individual rather than the number of hours spent at work. Ultimately if output levels are high and all responsibilities are taken care of, then it doesn't really matter where and when they are achieved. This concept is facilitated in the modern workplace through the use of technology, whereby it is now possible to log on to a remote desktop and have full access to the same suite of software and information as if working in the office. Skype calls and smartphones also enable communication on the move, in a way which simply wasn't possible a few years ago.

Sammeer Pavasa

Managing Director, Eleganz Interiors

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