4 Steps to Simplify Customer Connections in the era of Globalization From cloud-based security to human touch here are the important things

By Rakesh Soni

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Everyone has heard of the age-old adage – "Customer is King". It holds true even today as every business, be it online or offline is working diligently towards customer satisfaction.

In fact, thanks to the device proliferation and subsequent data explosion, connecting to the modern customer and keeping them satisfied has become a major challenge.

Nevertheless, as the era of digital transformation expands, technology has the solution to this problem as well. If you are an aspiring or existing entrepreneur with a consumer-facing business, here are the 4 major steps to simplify the customer connections in the evolving era of globalization.

1. The Power of Seamless Transaction and Communication

The first point of interaction and individual will have with your business is probably through the website or mobile app. Making this process easier will go a long way in establishing satisfaction. If your customer needs to wait for 10 minutes just to change/reset the password, or in times of huge traffics such as e-commerce sales, the site crashes, this leaves a very negative experience in the user's min

A cloud-based security and management platform will go a long way in making sure this does not happen. Seamless digital experience means a happy customer.

2. Customer Security is Essential

As per a media report last year, India saw the second highest number of data breaches in 2018. This is a huge concern as the millennial customer interacts with your business on multiple touch points. Information is received in numerous ways.

It's important for entrepreneurs to adopt a strong security solution that can ensure the safety of consumer and securing the user data from cyber-threats. Keeping information secure and confidential is the best way to gain long term trust. Any breach or leakage has a massive impact on customer trust.

3. Customer Privacy Will Remain Paramount

Every day, users on the internet produce 2.5 exabytes of data. Every minute of every day 3.7 billion global internet users continue to feed the data banks with 46,740 photos on Instagram, 456,000 tweets and 16 million text messages.

This might be a gold mine for entrepreneurs but, a word of caution here. Just because you have the data, using it without explicit customer expression will erode trust and satisfaction, faster than you can say Quidditch.

4. The Human Touch Will Remain Imperative

In the current times of chatbots, drones and AI, there is a danger of losing the personal touch. While this may be true, technology can help here as well. Investing in a system that can remember customers' preferences, understand speech and text and that learns the more it's used— can drive personalized, streamlined processes and create convenient and memorable customer experiences.

Companies today are using Machine Learning to predict customer habits and respond accordingly.

The digital age of today has increased the power of modern consumers. From pizza to cab to medicine everything is available on the click of a button. The customer is used to instant gratification and immediate redressals and if you falter here, the image is broken forever.

Complaints spread like wildfire and startups can win or lose on how they are perceived by their customers and how well they can wow them. Therefore, its best to start investing in the right tech from the onset, treating it as an essential foundation rather than an asset.

Rakesh Soni

CEO/Co-Founder, LoginRadius

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