Best Ways to Utilise Coworking Space to the Fullest The most prominent reason why MNCs and established brands are preferring the shared workspaces over conventional office spaces are definitely not budget

By Sanjay Choudhary

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Coworking spaces have now become the talk of the town. Not just start-ups and small entrepreneurs but big brands and Multi-National Companies (MNCs) are also opting to work from a shared workspace and this shift is not only because of the affordability factor. Besides being a pocket-friendly and hassle-free alternative, coworking spaces come along with a number of advantages. The responsibility of ensuring fast, reliable Wi-Fi, printer, scanner, meeting rooms, furnishing of office along with comfortable furniture, a cafeteria for lunch and tea/coffee breaks and other logistics lies with the coworking space. Basic amenities like these are provided by almost all co-working spaces at competitive prices. What lies beyond that is in the control of the members.

Since the members are paying a certain amount to this co-working spaces as membership charges, it is important to get the most out of it. Here is a guide that will help you get the best out of coworking space.

  • Know the Membership Plan Available: Coworking space offers multiple membership plans to pick from. One can choose a plan that works best for the members as per their requirements in terms of space, privacy, number of employees and time they want to spend in the office. Know what the different options available are and select accordingly. The type of membership plans available is hot desk, dedicated desk, private office, weekender and virtual office membership plan.
  • ·Hot Desk Membership Plan: The plan offers flexibility to the members along with the benefits of basic amenities. The coworking space gives access to space but without any dedicated work station, the member can take up one of the open spaces. All that is need to be done is that the members have to bring their laptop, select the work station and start working. This works great for freelancers, start-ups and people who work on a part-time basis. The plans differ according to the shared workspaces from a plan that works on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.
  • Dedicated Desk Membership Plan: As the name suggests, the member will have a dedicated desk to be called as his own in this plan. It is suitable for members who demand a more personalised space and storage benefits along with other benefits of 24*7 access to the workplace and basic amenities.
  • Private Office Membership Plan: Private office membership plan offers a dedicated office space within the coworking premises. If a start-up or small business has an employee strength of people less than 30, this option works best for them as it will help them avail the benefits of coworking along with having their own private place to discuss business-related issues. The plan differs basis the employee strength and the part of the property acquired by the members.
  • ·Weekender Membership Plan: The plan is best suited for those who are working on a project besides their nine to five job or entrepreneurs who are short on finances. Coworking spaces offer membership at discounted prices and unlimited access during non-peak hours.
  • Virtual Office Membership Plan: There are entrepreneurs who want an office address and a place to conduct meetings. Along with benefiting the entrepreneurs with an office address, the coworking space also provides the benefits of handling mails, a receptionist, answering phone calls etc. The plan differs according to the services and benefits availed by the members.
  • Socialise and Build Professional Relations: The most prominent reason why MNCs and established brands are preferring the shared workspaces over conventional office spaces is definitely not budget. It is far beyond monetary benefit, and is mostly for professional networking and socialising. Coworking spaces offer a multitude of opportunities to socialise and build professional relations as there is a number of community-based events being hosted. This might not yield benefits immediately, but it is always good to be recognised amongst the peers as they might lend a helping hand for business development as well as personal growth. Not just for established brands, but for start-ups as well socialising is important as they might find prospective clients or partners that can help enhance business.
  • Explore the Brands Around You and Look for Opportunities to Expand: Coworking spaces these days are not just favoured office location for small businesses, start-ups and freelancers but for almost the complete corporate industry comprising of people from different verticals. A lot of companies often outsource some of their work and spend hours to search for suitable people online. Knowing about the different brands that are operating from the coworking premises might sort out the purpose more effectively and efficiently. This will open up more opportunities for start-ups and freelancers to work with established brands and bring some expertise to the table.
  • Embrace Flexibility: Coworking space provides flexibility as one can pick up the type of membership they believe is best suited for them. Also, under some membership plans, the shared workplaces provide an option to work from any property under the same brand name and avail all the facilities. Some coworking spaces are open for 24*7 and thus also provides the flexibility of working hours.
  • Know the Benefits and Amenities Available: From the time you sign up for the membership, you are not just given access to the part of coworking property but also to innumerable amenities. These include using meeting rooms, board rooms, cafeteria, wellness rooms and some technological benefits include Wi-Fi access, printers and scanners. Some other add on advantages are parking spaces, security and being a part of community events.

Be sure to make the optimum use of the coworking space you are spending most of your time at, socialise with the people around, gain knowledge, benefit from the expertise of your co-working colleagues and other add on advantages. You will be around a team of young enthusiastic entrepreneurs and specialists, there will be competitors, and influential people and critics who will help you develop and progress in the ways you might have not thought of.

Sanjay Choudhary

founder and CEO of Incuspaze

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