A Few Success Tips for Entrepreneurs in Jewelry Business

The balance of business has an integral part in the success journey of the jewelry business

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What makes a successful entrepreneur is dedication, determination and a well-planned business strategy. Although the basic concept of business success and growth remains the same yet the jewelry industry works in a different manner where every minute details and customer requirements need to be met with precision.

The art of adorning and beautification has been in the society since the inception of civilizations, over the millennia evolved and changed as well. Jewelry is something that is cherished for generations, free from the withering claws of time and glorifies itself with every new day. History had mentioned some of the great jewelry pieces that have become the treasure of human civilization. Taking up jewelry as a business is not a cakewalk for most people as it involves a lot of creativity, efforts, investments, and standards. Still, the success comes surely to those who hold the grounds strong and follow the basic principles.

Market Survey and Product Requirement Study

To become a successful jewelry businessman, begin with a clean slate. Starting afresh is the key because the fashion trends change continuously and so does the market demand. This is extremely crucial for an entrepreneur to understand the market supply-demand equations and survey the prevailing competition first. Once the complete industry is studied, a conclusion can be drawn regarding the industry vertical to be stepped into. In fact, the jewelry designers who turn into entrepreneurs must focus on the current requirements, their area of expertise and business forecasts.

Identify the Target Clientele

Right from a classy elegant pendant to a diamonds studded bridal necklace, the taste of clients differs as per their requirements and the changing trends. Jewelers and designers need to find the niche they want to focus on, and then only the business model should be framed. The ultimate aim of a jewelry business is to offer exquisite designs and beautiful jewelry to the right clientele, as only this can flourish the business and profit the company.

Creation of the Jewelry Collection wisely

The market competitiveness has increased by every coming day and now the need of the hour for jewelry designers is to come up with alluring, attractive and beautiful designs that showcase their perfect craftsmanship and creates a magnificent aura for the jewelry among the targeted clientele. Whether the jewelry is modern, classy and elegant or traditional, grand and exquisite, the designer must create the collection keeping their clients in focus. The combination of gold, platinum, diamonds, precious stones and rare elements in artistic ways can get more business for a jeweler.

Marketing strategy for Online and Offline Platform

Sales is the heart of a business that ultimately defines the fate of that business model. With the advent of technology, e-commerce has also gained grounds and plays an important role in the sales of a product. For jewelry business as well, the online and offline platforms must be given proper attention with an expert marketing strategy to maximize the sales and profits. The greater reach to masses always leads to an increase in the profit of the business.

Understand the Price Factor

India is a price-driven nation in every vertical, right from agriculture to technology and textile to jewelry. Jewelry business entrepreneurs should take wise steps and introduce the right jewelry to the right clientele with-in their affordable price range. The market segment has a number of global brands competing for the customers' attention, and an entrepreneur must set the price range that can result in traction of clients and at the same time, must not bring financial losses.

The scope of Expansion and Balance of the Business

A wise businessman plans for today and tomorrow alike. Entrepreneur in the jewelry industry should understand the scope of the market niche they cater to and its further expansion to other domains as well. The balance of business has an integral part in the success journey of the jewelry business. Whether it is a financial stronghold, investment prospects, right team and workforce, creative designers, marketing and sales team or the management, apt balance in the business is a key to growth and success of the jewelry business.

Vaibhav Tyagi

Co- Founder - ShipJewel

Vaibhav Tyagi is the Co- Founder of ShipJewel.com, a rising online jewellery store offering customized, unique jewellery for young, independent women of today. He completed his B.Tech in (IT) from USIT, Delhi and has 10 years of experience, working across a wide spectrum of Consumer Technology companies like Adobe, and Hike Messenger.

Towards beginning of the career, Mr Tyagi was a part of the Adobe CS Product Development team and later on he managed the engineering teams, creating social and multimedia experiences, using AR (Augmented Reality) based technologies at Hike Messenger.

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