#5 Challenges Hampering the Career Prospects of Amateur Photographers

The scope of photography will remain vast and here is how you can polish your skills

By Subodh Bajpai • Feb 19, 2019


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Photography has been a very lucrative career where photographers get exposure to various aspects. These aspects pertain to focus, angle, zoom, type of camera, light, the background to be used, etc. However, experienced photographers are getting tough competition from amateur newbie photography enthusiasts. The major reason behind the same is these so-called amateur photographers use camera tricks and photography apps with a filter.

The Inside Story of Photography Enthusiasts and Photographers

One of the major handicaps influencing the photography stream is the use of digital cameras. Click, print and edit are the basic steps involved in the mechanism of these cameras. It might sound convenient way to get photography done, Right? Well, this is not the case with these digital cameras as they have few limitations as well. Amateur photographers, for instance, utilize these cameras to capture photos or shoot movies, but, they often end up deleting many files. Probably, they are not satisfied with the quality of images or videos more than often. They presume that multitasking will make their work easier, yet, this does not materialize. In fact, by using photo apps, they add an artistic touch to pictures and videos. These apps can never be a substitute for regular photography options.

These individuals even use yellow pages to advertise their photography. Nevertheless, by merely advertising photography in yellow pages or online directories, they cannot become professional photographers. On the other hand, the budding photographer may not be able to find him/her a good job due to his/her skills' limitations. These photographers rely on trends without getting into in-depth basics of photography. This, in turn, comes up as a negative point for them and they may come across lesser opportunities in their stream. The best way to address this issue is to stay connected with the traditional form of photography further synchronizing the knowledge with modern dynamics.

What are the 5 Challenges Affect the Career of Aspiring Photographers?

It has already been stated above that technology-based photography is being hyped at present. With cool gadgets with camera and recording options, people explore their knack for photography. In their journey to test their photography potential, users get immersed in the socialized world of clicking photos or recording videos. Moreover, they find it a very innovative approach to add filters and other artistic effects to their creation. This brings a chain of challenges in front of budding photographers while they seek relevant jobs:

Killing Monotony of Photography is a Big Mistake: Young professionals or passionate individuals are impressed by the modern concept of photography. They often add filters to kill the monotony of the images, but, in this process, basic details of their work get eliminated. In short, in an attempt to be creative and artistic, the experiment of these photographers is likely to fail most of the times. Hence, a person must at least invest some time to gain basic knowledge of contemporary photography and its aesthetics.

Little Knowledge and Lots of Experiment are Disastrous: Currently, there are ample of gadgets available which have high-resolution twin-camera facility claiming to be the best. On a practical note, despite having rear and primary camera options, the exemplary photography can be attained only when traditional art of capturing footage and clicking images are understood. The final result of visuals may look gaudy if artistic effects or filter are a mismatch. Thus, it is better to get acquainted with the basics of photography to deliver a phenomenal outcome.

Look Beyond Digital Cameras and Explore the Natural World: Professional photographers have been merging their vision with the knowledge to get hands-on photography assignments. On a contrary, aspiring photographers might have a vision, but, their approach towards shooting stills and videos is limited to the use of digital cameras. They presume digital cameras to be the greatest invention which can be a substitute for manual actions. This thought process should be done away with and instead, these passionate budding photographers should use manual procedures of photographers too.

Stop Thinking Big, Start it From Scratch: Buying cheap DSLR cameras and getting fame easily in the stream of photography is misinterpreted. In fact, even if these newbie photographers are approached or contacted by advertising or related agency, the scope for them is almost zero. On a practical note, cheap DSLR cameras are creating a buzz in the market. Frankly speaking, the loopholes of these cameras need to be understood rather than just wasting talent by neglecting the traditional know-how of photography.

Get Real, be Real and Create the Magic: Recognizing good photography is important rather than mix-match outlook. Most of the new age photography practices are based on a quick-serve platter of artistic effects. This is often misinterpreted as a wonderful magic wand towards attaining the best photography outcome. To cut it short, no matter which Android device you use for your personal photography, it is not a realistic gadget to replace the camera. Get the entire setup for your photography before you advertise your work and get introduced to the real life of photography.

It can be summed up that the scope of photography will remain vast unless you toil hard to polish your skills. All you need to do is stick to manual photography tools largely more than your digital cameras' usage. No doubt, you might use these digital cameras for your creative or personal works for sure.

Subodh Bajpai

Founder of www.SubodhBajpaiPhotography.com

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