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Capture What's On Your Mind No matter how challenging the situation is this will help you get closer to your goal

By Mohini Sharma

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It is your motivation, ambition, hard work and sincerity that will help you in attaining success even if the task in hand seems impossible. When working towards upliftment of society, your grit to help other individuals will help you go a long way. Harder the rejection, stronger the determination should be your mantra. In order to achieve the impossible, there are some golden principles. As an individual, one should abide by these principles to achieve the desired results.

Find Happiness in Your Passion:

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that success feeds upon happiness. What one really needs to focus on is whether you seek fulfilment in what you do, dream about it and wake up to work for it every single day? If your answer is yes then you have found happiness in your passion.
There will be days when you won't be satisfied with yourself because you feel that you are not worthy enough! When this happens, all you have to do is ask yourself," Is this journey bringing you closer to your dream goal?" What matters the most is the path you carve during your journey and the experience you gain and not just the destination. Finding happiness is the first step towards one's goal. Only when you're happy you will make your employees happy and be full of ideas when challenges spurt.

Beat the Self Doubt:

There is a thin line of distinction between achievement and fear. One needs to make sure that they fight out the boundaries set within their head and cross that thin line of fear. Being overweight, having an uneven skin tone and facial hair shouldn't keep you away from participating in a beauty pageant because it is your influencing personality that can make you the next beauty queen. Learn to embrace your inner uniqueness, even if others are beautiful than you, they can never be you. We limit ourselves, set boundaries and condition ourselves to believe in our fears. Remember that your success is on the other side of these self-created boundaries. Instilling a sense of security and trust within you is very important.

Envision Your Success:

On your path towards success, you will come across people who will limit your beliefs, discourage you from participating in a project that can take you close to your goal. Listen to all these people but take your decisions wisely. Don't give up on your dream because it looks difficult. Always consider your rejection as a learning opportunity to further sharpen your skills. Feed yourself with positivity and pursue/chase that goal of yours. Ask yourself if you are sincerely working towards your goal? If the answer is no then listed down your shortcomings and tap into them until they become your strengths.

Self-Awareness is Your Biggest Strength:

One of the most important things to have during your journey is self-awareness. Because only self-awareness in terms of your growth, your strength and your weakness can help you envision the best version of yourself. Be aware of the repercussions of your actions and decision and the impact they have on your future. And, if at the end of the day things don't go as planned or foreseen, don't let it dishearten you. Instead, take it as a lesson and come back strong! We all are born queens who just need to realize our potential and take the stride.

Be the Revolution:

Ask yourself how are you different from your competitors? Are you making a difference in the ecosystem of your business by providing a distinguished service? Always remember, you need to engage with the right audience that is looking for your service. Beat your competition by getting the best industry experts together for your clients that provide effective solutions. Market your product via the correct channel partners. Pick your associates by doing a thorough background check. Set your standards high, hustle hard and don't settle for anything mediocre.

Don't Give up:

No matter how challenging the situation is, consistency will help you get closer to your goal. Continuous rejections can put you down but don't give up. In fact, manifest to attain success and persevere to be consistent especially during those bad days. It's important to work out to have the perfect waistline and abs but what's more important is that one works out every single day. Just like we nurture our health and relations with utmost consistency we must be professionally consistent to be on the top of the ladder.

Mohini Sharma

Founder of Mrs India Inc

Mohini Sharma is an Educationist and winner of the beauty pageant, Mrs India 2016. She couldn’t get another Mrs. World crown to India but she came back with the desire that she will ensure Mrs. World sees a winner from India very soon. To turn her dreams into reality, her first step was to become the license holder of Mrs. India World and give the pageantry industry a new direction.

Mohini is set on a mission to identify the unseen potential possessed by women. She is dedicating her life in prepping Indian women for their journey of life and presenting their best version through her Project of Mrs India Inc.

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